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  1. I’m not sure if this will actually work but it might be worth a try.. for all the people who don’t think they’ll be able to watch Lana perform live due to whatever reason, you might be able to just leave the Youtube live stream open, pause it and then when you’re able to watch the performance just hit play on the Youtube stream and forward to her performance?
  2. i’m actually so scared. i don’t do well in large crowds nor in humidity. i fear i will pass out before lana even hits the stage but i am so fucking determined to be front row for this show. i have tears in my eyes just thinking about it
  3. first off, this is incredible. thank you for the time and effort you put into this list. second, it is criminal that Bel Air has never been sung live by her wtfff
  4. i mean she has to perform west coast right.... i'm also manifesting an off to the races in 2024. i'd lose my shit lol debating on whether i should hold off watching the week 1 performance till i am legit there for the 2nd weekend so that i don't spoiler it for myself but idk if i have enough willpower
  5. Hiii...this is my first post since the release of Ocean Blvd. But I just wanted to share my excitement for this performance. I am going to the second weekend and it will be my very first time in LA - can't wait to feel all the vibes. Really hoping she changes up the setlist considering how huge Coachella is. I would love if she got rid of the dancers but I don't see that happening so I'll just pretend they're not there. I had a dream last night actually that Stevie Nicks joined her on stage and I would literally transcend if that were to happen.
  6. some of yall are so quick to hate fr. just be thankful we’re even getting anything. Lana is truly on her come up. Society is finally coming around to how amazing of an artist she is.
  7. this is easily one of my favourite photoshoots of hers. there. i said it.
  8. we won’t receive it till 2026 with the way she moves lmfao but i love how we have been getting fed recently
  10. i bawled when she thanked us for making her dreams as a little girl come true 😭😭
  11. not me being like right beside you 👀 also the bow in her hair like in the album cover was such a cute touch
  12. she scraped her knee going down the stairs during the show to meet fans 🥺🥺
  13. she said tonight’s crowd was the largest all year. does anyone know if that’s true?! if so, that’s fucking iconic
  15. me to the cocky boys model that was next to me at the bar last night
  16. the way i saw his profile in the crowd and i hit him up 👀 let’s see what happens after the show
  17. the gays are really trying to murder me in this barricade. the things i do for this woman
  18. the weather has been so crap. pls pray it doesn’t rain/storm
  19. and yes for k pt. 2 was sound-checked briefly highly doubt she will be performing it. i’ll be surprised if any new songs get added
  20. Flipside was such a lovely surprise and it sounded amazing live!! The background singers was a nice addition (I could’ve done without the dancers imo) also i got so emo when she was watching her career throughout the years in music videos while the ride monologue was playing
  21. FUCKING FINALLY !!!!!! she’s so beautiful
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