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  1. im seeing a lot of comments online about it being album of the year and i don’t know about all that… its a great record but definitely not the best that’s come out this year but wouldn’t be surprised if the grammys were to give it to her
  2. OK..not this bitch changing up the set list for Hangout Festival but not for Coachella…ma’am not her bringing out nessa barrett, mason ramsey and benson for her set i-
  3. oh Skinny is that girl. i love it and the orchestra at the end 🥰
  5. LANA LEGIT WEARING HOOVES oh i live for it now
  6. wait.. Cardi B & Nicki gonna be at the MET 👀
  7. tf is the cardigan for with kim k’s look
  8. imagine she wore her body electric outfit inside for the dinner a girl can dream
  9. Lana is truly the peoples favourite celebrities favourite celebrity
  10. i wonder how taylor feels about that relationship
  11. the kardashians are so boring at the MET..
  12. i’m just being picky now but i wish the branches had some flowers on them but other than that, i’m so obsessed. she looks like a goddess
  13. just don’t look at the shoes. SHES SO STUNNING OMG 🥹🥹🥹
  14. wait…he’s not following theme but Ed Sheeran looks good
  15. take a shot every time that girl says “this should be put in the museum right now”
  16. not the AI photos being better than the actual pieces
  17. OMGG the high quality, conceptual videos we’re gonna get from inside the gallery posted tomorrow. lana better be in one of them
  18. now Rosalia….im obsessed with you but this look ain’t it
  19. this Lala chick interviewing is so cringe she tries soo hard to be fake af when interviewing people she don’t give a fuck about 😂
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