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  1. did someone just say in the crowd “lana u fucking suck” SOMEONE PLS TELL ME
  2. NOT EVEN THE TRACK IN FULL?? what’s going awn
  3. oh if i don’t get west coast and ride in full next weekend
  4. i’m actually scared of the hate she might get online for this setlist ima go to war for my girl
  5. rip to all the people on party drugs in the audience😂
  6. lana baby, we need to pick up the pace a bit and a new mic needs to be given to her asap
  7. ima need coachella to stop playing in this girls fucking face and fix her mic
  8. SHE GONNA PERFORM ALL OF BARTENDER BUT NOT WEST COAST OR RIDE? oh no baby, ima need to speak to her team before next weekend
  9. that twink in the audience is me next weekend i fear
  10. i’m gonna need west coast in full next weekend @lanadelrey
  11. i need her nerves to go away mama. you are a legend.
  12. airpods put in. i probably won’t be writing during the duration of her performance EVERYONE ENJOY THE SHOW XOXOXOOX
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