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  1. Kintsugi might take the #1 spot as my favourite lana song ever. I cry every single time I listen to the track. It says all the things I could never put into words and the meaning behind it is just so beautiful. Our hearts will break but that’s how the light gets in to make us full again.
  2. sittin on the sofa, feeling super sucidial hate to say the word, but, baby hand on the bible, i do feel like it’s you, the one who’s bringing me down
  3. the album is hitting so different tonight it just keeps getting better and better with each listen
  4. sitting down in the shower while Kintsugi plays is a therapeutic experience 10/10 would recommend
  5. ok so for the jacket with the patches…blue banisters does come before chemtrails my ocd is twitching rn
  6. i’m here and it’s so awkward lmaoo thankfully i’m drunk
  7. IM RUNNING SO LATE. WHO TF HOSTS A LISTENING PARTY AT 4PM?!?! they better let me in when i arrive
  8. lmfao listen i was going to post me wearing the clothes but didn’t wanna give y’all a jumpscare 🤧
  9. ....alright, since i'm going to the listening party tomorrow - i have decided that i will listen to the leaked album in full once by myself tonight to have my own experience before the collective one tomorrow. i need to know what im preparing myself for any songs make anyone cry??
  10. ‘Fingertips’ is not a good song or a big song but it definitely explains everything. I felt like that was important because everyone was always like [whispers] explain yourself. And I was like, ‘Okay, let me do this really quickly, I’ll tell you everything I’m thinking in two minutes in a seven minute song and just rip through it and edit it.’ That song kind of says it all. Between that song and ‘Wildflower Wildfire’ on Blue Banisters, you can get a lot [whispers and laughs] of everything. and this is why I will not stand for any Fingertips slander
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