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  1. Well my bf of 4 years broke up with me today and I have to move out manifesting angry, dark lyricism
  2. Tbf she said she was angry which may be why
  3. They posted whores post earlier too and it showed no heart, just probs being cropped out
  4. Now which one of y’all is throwing shade on that site
  5. All we need now is the @111 exclusive
  6. Also possible lyrics on /that/ site, what do we think?
  7. Neil even commented 🌹🌹 under the honeymoon post 👀👀
  8. This is me realizing Neil is hot wtf
  9. I think you get a warning point rip
  10. It def sounds like a rework but idk if it sounds like lana
  11. I feel like I’m the only one that won’t be mad at a YTH rework. I love that song and all of its versions and would love to see it on an album
  12. He did a few days ago, that’s how I started to follow him
  13. Cruel world was in my top 5 songs in this years wrapped, it’s a sign
  14. The website is blocked on my work computer ugh I’m fighting corporate
  15. Yeah I’m looking at the website itself though, not source code. The source code they’re talking about is from rn
  16. I think they are new, looking back in the way back machine most of those colors do not appear on the website some appear on ldrvillage but idk if that matters
  17. If y’all don’t stop linking to other stuff
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