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  1. I’m the waiting room for Austin I’m so scared
  2. Anyone know anything about Austin ? There was no presale I don’t think, still on the countdown
  3. aly

    Instagram Updates

    what is she doing 😭
  4. aly

    Melanie Martinez

    Not sure if she’ll tour with the prosthetic, doubtful tbh https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRcU3QDS/ she’s already complaining about it in this vid 😭
  5. aly

    Melanie Martinez

    Never posted on this thread but as an og Mel fan (from the voice), this album has me conflicted. definitely wasn’t my fave on first listen but it’s really starting to grow on me. top 5. 1. BOTL (I will not tolerate slander, this song is incredible) 2. Evil 3. The contortionist 4.void 5. tunnel vision (Faerie soirée and light shower are honorable mentions) definitely is an album that takes a few listens to really enjoy but I’m extremely excited for the visuals of this album. Part of me thinks it’s going to be a butterfly type situation where crybaby will be this creature that will develop into this beautiful being (like the one in k-12) can’t lie though, not a big fan of spider-web
  6. HIGHLIGHTS (not including singles) paris, texas fishtail peppers sweet taco truck Least fav: kintsugi (gonna take me a few listens)
  7. Got my copy before I even got my email, e-mail just came through 😭
  8. Idk why y’all are saying no music videos…..if anything I feel like everything and how active she is points to a music video being made
  9. y’all are allowed to have ur opinions but your opinions are still garbage the song is great
  10. As someone who is going through a bad breakup, this song is really hitting
  11. Track 3 Track 16 Track 9 Track 4 Track 15 These are the explicit tracks also idk how to order any of the alt vinyls , it’s not letting me
  12. WE DID ITTTTT (can’t believe some of those Neil posts were for the album omg )
  13. Omg we’re matching 🤞🏻🤞🏻
  14. While I agree, I think it’s interesting that Lana has reposted that record store multiple times
  15. Double album confirmed Omg 😭😭 stoppp we made this at the same time
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