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  1. Okay, seems legit, Ill just refer to you as a celebrity terrorist which will devalue the syntax of terrorism.
  2. Okay, I'll send you some things in DM which I can just refer to later as a "half joke". Your words have legal consequences. You can't just do whatever you want to do and say whatever you want to say without consequences. mod note: please try not to engage in more-than-necessary arguments with other members. you are welcome to discuss and lightly critique eachother but please do not incite arguments or threaten other members lol. user warned
  3. Hand waving fallacy..not addressing my legal arguments. Avoiding the issue. Won't work here girl. You might try the beverly hills center with better luck with that basic ish.
  4. You can still legally violate black mail statutes even if the information acquired is publicly available information. The legal violation occurs when one asks for financial compensation (like a prostitute threatening a popular John) to not release any type of information. It doesn't require that the information about the person is an illegal act. For instance, threatening someone they will publish photos of a secret trist, unless they are financially compensated, is by legal definition, black mail.
  5. By performing an action on the sole consideration with threat, for financial compensation is in fact by legal definition black mail. Didn't pass the bar did ya girl? Kim Kardashian can help you out. In Cali you can take the bar exam without attending a legal college, although Calis bar exams is slightly more difficult than other states. "demanding payment or another benefit from someone in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information about them."
  6. Hey girlies and bros, strap on some kevlar, get a nice shot cluster at a gun range, roll over to the middle east for a full tour, and report back what your definition of terrorism is cuzzos. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 Don't think you can just start throwing out terrorism all willy nilly. The f*ck is wrong with you?!?!
  7. Terrorism?!?!?!?!.... You have completely lost your mind!!!!!! What in the actual f*ck do you know about terrorism?!?! You are presenting that you are an insane radicalized extremist sociopath. Do you have any idea what slander is?
  8. You are reframing his intentions and disregarding his illegal abuses. So you support black mailing Lana so you can buy a model x? Do yourself a favor, and don't downplay his manipulative and ILLEGAL actions. How about write a letter to a senator about a carbon tax policy and plant a tree?
  9. I have barely listened to Taylor's music. I am pretty critical of pop culture and pop music. You seem to have zero understanding of my identity, and tastes or biases. In some ways it feels embarrassing to me, that I am here, in some ways, defending Taylor, and others who are opulently rich. I don't hold it against them, and don't prejudicialy devalue people based on their net worth and their actions associated with their net worth lifestyle. It seems difficult for people to accept in the macro sense. This is why society by and large,.does not understand the lives of the popular, and focuses their attention upon those with unnecessary obtuse criticism. But at some point I have to be honest with my own biases, address things rationally, and call a spade a spade.
  10. You are literally referring to her as a terrorist, of which is classified by those whom use physical violence or the threat of physical violence to defend a political ideology. *The same thing the US government does, but Taylor and Lana don't.* You have been radicalized by ignorant extremists
  11. You arent refuting a single thing I said and are just appealling to childish ad hominem. Seems like a case of projecting your own immaturity on me.
  12. As far as the bus tour life. It does extensively wear you down. Travelling on buses from show to show, will make you extremely tired and will lower the performance you can do. Bus tour life is not easy at all, even if you stop at hotels. It seems manageable for the first month or so, but by month 3 or 4, it is extremely draining and slightly miserable.
  13. He said he would stop posting the data if Elon gave him a model x. That's straight up black mail. Nevermind he doesn't seem to actually care about the environment and is doing all of this for the attention. The comparison you are making is an apples to oranges. He doesn't have a tour, nor has he ever shown he has any interest whatsoever in his own personal carbon footprint. We are defending a person who doesnt care about the very issue he gets attention about. I don't know how many more ways I can highlight this person's severe hypocrisy without restating how manipulative this person is and how he doesn't actually seem to care about the environment at all and all this is solely for attention seeking.
  14. I sincerely apologize for being rude, but I get a little triggered when I see the arrows of hate from some other subject, start turning towards Lana, because I'm absolutely completely sick of the negative Lana criticism.
  15. That's true. She could plant a billion trees. But so could the corporations who fly tangerines half way around the world, just to send them right back. The point is, we aren't addressing the largest polluters and propping up popular people as the major issue, which is a total distraction. A mature person would advocate a carbon tax on these things. Rather than underhanded paparazzi strategies. They just want to tear people to pieces they are jealous of. Taylor could use some humility but this method is not the ideal way to get that result. For all the girlies oogling over this guy, let us know when y'all go on a date with this guy and tell us what he is really like...🤠
  16. "A student" ; *A manipulative person that engages in blackmail who doesnt do anything about the environment.*
  17. He's leaving something out. he started black mailing him in the first place. Would you support black mailing Lana so she doesn't fly on a private jet?
  18. When was the last time you think this kid did anything for the environment like planting a tree? And now we are advocating quasi black mail? Is he tracking apples that leave California and go to Africa to get sprayed with wax and then flown back? Of course not. It's celebrity obsession disorder with a need for attention. It's quite similar to throwing paint on the mona Lisa because of climate change. Solves nothing. Just pisses people off.. As far as the flying versus private jet, it's actually more environmentally friendly to fly on a plane with 80 people than it is to take a bus with 20 people. The union of concerned scientists pointed to a lot of the flaws about carbon emissions from various types of vehicles. They are widely misinterpreted.
  19. He said he would stop tracking Elon if Elon bought him a Tesla. He's just another shallow person who loves the attention and who isn't doing anything to actually offset carbon emissions, like planting trees. He is a tmz paparazzi type of academia. Its just petty and childish and doing it for the attention.
  20. Nevermind that it's the shipping industry that is causing far far more pollution than air travel. IMO It's just another case of the public looking for some Boogeyman they conjure up so they can blame the world's problems on them.
  21. I looked into the law in this situation when people were threatening to fire bomb Tesla factories and a grimes stalker almost made Elon wreck with his son in the car. The privacy aspect of the law allows for them (Taylor) to block the jets location until sometime after they have landed. But then it can be put into public record some hours after they have landed. Looks like Taylor's lawyers don't know the full ins and outs of that law if they are filing a cease and desist. It will be extremely difficult for taylor to prove emotional distress beyond reasonable doubt in the court of law.
  22. Strange world.... On another note, how many times did Jack hit the j on the ride to the Grammys? 🤣🤣🤏
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