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  1. i like peppers, but do you all say it’s great only because you miss beats like that on Lana tracks? sure, the lyrics are great, and the instrumental is bumping, but the sample they use is so messy that it sounds disjointed from the actual track. it sounds like Lana listened to the song on her radio, recorded it on her iNotes, and sprinted to the studio. also, what does Angelina even have to do with peppers?! i feel like it might sound better on the actual release.
  2. guys, i have a theory about the surprise BOZ was talking about, and i know it sounds crazy but, could it possibly be a special live session on Disney+? it seems that Disney+ has been getting big artist with new releases to do these and it wouldn't be too far fetched since Lana covered OUAD for Maleficent. it would honestly be a dream come true and i think Lana would do great because it wouldn't technically be "live" television. i think it would be very intimate!
  3. literally all of this! you took the words right outta my mouth. A&W was so unique because we weren't expecting it. after the multiple tracks tried doing that, it kinda got exhausting because there wasn't a surprise element anymore. so true bestie! i was thinking it was made for the tour as well! i can imagine it being the closing song.
  4. even though people probably don't wanna admit it, this has some truth to it and i think it's the reason everyone's talking about the "quality" changing when the album actually releases. the quality is not really gonna change because she really did record a lot of her vocals through voice notes. i think it's really obvious on some tracks where she's really quiet or muffled sounding. especially the samples of conversations and people talking during a majority of the songs.
  5. white dress honeymoon cruel world norman fucking rockwell ride born to die love text book the grants the grants was really underwhelming for me at first, but it has been growing on me. i would rather listen to text book over the grants. love is a great song but let's be honest, she's no opener. born to die is a great song as well but it doesn't expand in sound like the rest. ride was the first lana song i ever listened to and it still has an impact on me, but i see BTD and Paradise as one in the same, so i've never really seen it as an opener because i'm usually listening to the paradise edition in order.
  6. this is truly an album that was made for live performances... i can just hear it now. (along with the whole BTD album xoxo)
  7. i'm a console player! my dead by daylight username is: xTributeForever#c301 but if any of you play on PS, my PSN is just xTributeForever
  8. i play DBD if anyone wants to play sometime! i've clocked lots of hours and i main Cheryl atm.
  9. i’m making my prediction and saying that this album will have the vibe of Watercolor Eyes but a little more energy. it sounds like it could’ve been a song that was produced around that time!
  10. i love the song and i’m so happy that she’s letting Neil do the visuals for this album, but my only complaint is Neil saying on IG that they “got everything in one take.” so that means all the visuals are pretty much gonna be these bedroom selfies. i also noticed that some of the landscape visuals are rehashed from the NFR era (aka the construction site). i’m not mad about it, but i’m just hoping for a few more breadcrumbs. i think Lana looks gorgeous and i’m really excited for this era.
  11. yay! i’m definitely gonna get on at some point. either tonight or tomorrow~ (my ign is Hisuniverse64)
  12. if anyone ever wants to play, just lmk!
  13. when are we gonna play together?! i used to be obsessed with Survival Games, Build Battle, and Bed Wars! i've always wanted to have an SMP too!
  14. just really want blonde hair Lana for this album/era. i don't care when she releases it, i don't care if there are 20 delays, i just need her to be blonde.
  15. love her and she follows me on twitter, but she really didn't need to make those nasty tweets about Chungha... it was definitely in poor taste. she's azealia banks'ing her career.
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