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  1. I was thinking, with the visuals in the video being quite basic that maybe this isn’t the official video; lust for life got uploaded to YouTube with a basic video at first and then the actual music video came later - just thinking there must be more to it especially if chuck called it a series.
  2. My new fav user- I'll remember this next pre release era
  3. I downloaded to, so someone else can listen to
  4. Omg plssss I've held off listening to the leaks and now that's it's time I'm so readyy I can't wait another 12 hours till UK midnight
  5. MEEK MILL IS NOT A PROBLEM: His past album did do VERY well but it was due to him being in the public eye a lot because he was Niki's bf at the time and big names like drake featured NOW THOUGH he won't because the public hate the guy- he tried to diss drake and drakes diss tracks back bassiclay ended him pmsl. Tyler the creator is a nobody worse then Meek Mill and his leak means he has no way of getting no1
  6. World at War gives me MAJOR cruel world vibes I'm most excited for it that part at the end of the snippet where she goes faster omg the melodyyyyyyy my eyes rolled out of my head when she said lean into the fucking youth
  7. Your mouth is unworthy of those words- go create a banks website for yourself pmsl
  8. I think it will be unique in its way of diversity- all other albums have been extremely cohesive, all staying within their genre to some extent whereas I think this record will pull from each and merge to create this sound we'll receive-BTD was more pop, hip-hop influence, UV was rock and HM was orchestral, this will be the record Remembered as diverse. This is my prediction anyway
  9. You know nothing's happening when there hasn't been a post in over 2 hours...
  10. She tries way too hard for concept that it just hurts my ears
  11. So now that's there's no news is it acceptable to say without being dragge for no apparent reason that Halsey album was shit?
  12. Chill. His behaviour is abnormal- fans will be fans nobody will stop that- you don't think that Rihanna fans ran up the fucking wall during her ANTI release- it's odd for HIM to be so petty towards the CUSTOMERS
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