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  1. Lizzy is alive and breathing.
  2. fr I would seriously go there if I knew on time. Now, it's impossible to arrange everything in a week.
  3. No she really is serving BTD era live vocals Million dollar man next!
  4. Everything so far was up on Wednesdays at 5 pm CET, do I guess new merch will be live in 3 hours?
  5. Are they on her UK site or do they also appear on her regional stores?
  6. Well, that was EDM which is much more radio friendly, it was at the peak in 2012/13. Trance however... I prefer it but you might only hear it in a club... if you ask the DJ to play it.
  7. No, wait, this is a banger. It will get the straights to stream so... slay? Edit: This was quite popular on Soundcloud. https://m.soundcloud.com/sim0nelovesu/yes-2-heaven 3M+ plays in three months. So, there is a demand.
  8. The fact that it's rising every day and has passed 40 million streams by now. We used to pray for times like this.
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