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  1. https://shopfr.lanadelrey.com/products/double-vinyle-jaune-transparent-blue-bannisters
  2. What happened to Beautiful string version (3:54)? Is it fake? Or an early mix on vinyls/CDs?
  3. I'm already broke, she really wants me sleeping on the streets
  4. I'm so happy that she's doing what SHE wants and I hope she finds peace. Lizzy will be back. ly
  5. RIP Lana's Facebook Let's pray for Kathi
  6. The way you became my favorite user within a week
  7. Ughhh I need the Ferarri jacket
  8. A fitting final photo. The MV for High by the Beach revolves around the press constantly following her, and then, at the end, she blows up the helicopter. Now however, she's escaping from the press again by leaving social media. She just wants peace.
  9. Has this been mentioned? This is on her website, maybe she will do a tour after all.
  10. Besties I'm still shook by the Interlude. I was about to close Youtube and then that beat drop blew me away. I'm claiming Black Bathing Suit
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