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  1. ugh I wish she would go to a catholic church like gwen stefani lol
  2. nueva...the latina del rey-ness of it all <3
  3. resurrecting this thread...she's coming
  4. blue bayou cover in the vein of linda rondstadt's version pls....also some linda ronstadt covers (i.e. silver blue, long long time, someone to lay down beside me) <3
  5. Can she please make a simple white T-shirt w the blue cameo-esque cover ?
  6. Mike Dean worked with Selena Quintanilla back in the day...Lana's techno-cumbia album incoming! Latina Del Rey <3
  7. She looks gorgeous in the video and I love the TFJ-esque sound...but the lyrics do not do it for me at all. I wish she'd step away from the cringey mid-2010s pop feminism in her lyrics, especially since I know she's capable of much more poignant and powerful writing, even in her satiric songs. Like she could've done so much more with this witchy anti-patriarchal theme without being so basic about it lyrically tbh. I'll just go listen to Buy the Stars and Numb . I'm not hating as I've loved her for a literal decade...just disappointed.
  8. If I could make one wish for Lana’s career, it would be for her to become David Lynch’s final muse and make movies and music with him. Nothing would be more iconic
  9. From what we've heard in this new snippet and the one Lana shared on insta, the melodies in California are so fucking gorgeous yes godddd. Love everything I heard too though
  10. love when she serves that Joan Baez americana realness <3 Also never thought I'd hear her sing about Fresno, the little corner of California I call home
  11. It wouldn’t have made it about gays it just would’ve made it inclusive, which would’ve been nice especially considering so many of us Lana fans are gay
  12. Listening to it today made me realize Lana should cover Say it Right by Nelly Furtado. The lyrics and vibe fit her so well imo
  13. NFR cover teas please Lana...I'd also like to see the Pacific Ocean featured in one of her album covers finally
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