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  1. can someone leak all the xcx stems we don't have? loads missing still full list of stems we have vroom vroom ep + how i'm feeling now n1a: 3am, blame it, dreamer, drugs, emotional, lipgloss, roll with me, white roses pop 2: unlock it, porsche, femmebot singles: boys, focus, 5itm, after the afterparty ‚Äčam i missing anything?
  2. or just all the time acapella?
  3. does anyone have stems of the 2019 singles? all the time, wow and don't worry about me?
  4. it's really good, danny's production flawless as always
  5. Besides Unlock It, what other pop 2 stems are available?
  6. where did we are born to play leak in hq?
  7. can anyone post the link to Paris 320? iCloud music library is acting up and I can't play it on my Mac but it's showing up on my phone
  8. did any of the side b leaked tracks leak in 320?
  9. does anyone have a drive link that has the unlock it stems?
  10. just want a new charli mixtape era
  11. popheads AMA two days ago
  12. can someone leak 123HD since hannah has confirmed it's dead?
  13. break my heart leaked in full
  14. the wav of bibi bourelly's version of dreamer was officially in 2018 in this compilation https://formarcosanti.wetransfer.com/downloads/4731048d8af075de0e3fcaf40763af7720180508170958/50f516
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