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  1. GlitterAndGold

    Charli XCX

    I heard the voice of Jesus say C'MON
  2. GlitterAndGold

    Charli XCX

    I mean what if it's linked to Taxi, these are the similar style looks she wore in GNO/NA/etc
  3. GlitterAndGold

    Charli XCX

    We're burning Atlantic Records YET AGAIN!
  4. The fact that eat it got played on BBC radio 1 after Slayyyter’s Alone, I’m gonna actually orgasm
  5. Ayesha's really good but her mastering... MY EARS BLEED
  6. Ok so update, she deleted her IG Story...
  7. I am really hoping she comes back; I love her so much omg
  8. Ok we need the other two singles, if anyone can get them in mp3 (OR BETTER YET APPLE LOSSLESS; don't just copy from ur iTunes though, you'll need to scrub them! DM me and i'll scrub it and upload <3) then reply and i'll mirror
  9. File link already down oops: https://gofile.io/?c=RPsuk4 https://ufile.io/8fxid https://a.uguu.se/UwcWyYKsXUiF_01-123dayzup.m4a https://multiup.org/5304f897945760c9db09e778b4f677f2
  10. see my edit; try right click -> Allow Download as well
  11. Can't be pico'd, it's 25.4MB so it won't fit :/ EDIT: https://file.io/RWPuAa dropped it here
  12. I'm in love with this song <3
  13. https://dbr.ee/0eZW I got a M4A (Apple Lossless 1,411kbps @ 16bit) of We Don't Stop
  14. It's not yet on my NZ Spotify acc, anyone got Deezer rips?
  15. GlitterAndGold

    Charli XCX

    When you've ripped it link it <3
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