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  1. https://dbree.org/v/dd868f
  2. omg could u please post a link?
  3. can anyone send me the Can You Hear Me demo please. i lost it
  4. not to be ungrateful but all the 2018 songs leaking wouldnt kill anyone...
  5. send link 2 the masterpost pls omg
  6. https://dbree.org/v/ea59e0 idk if dis is real but i found on dbree
  7. so who is making a solo edit
  8. Diet Mountain Dew


    Swimming Pool its actually getting released
  9. HAHA IS IT CRACK. IS IT WHAT U SMOKE? CRACK? no. stan the only queen Eclipse instead look who is talking about teasing huh...
  10. Diet Mountain Dew


    Celebrity is her best song
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