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  1. Nervous about the coke necklace re-release,,,,, me, my monies and all my replicas are crine in anticipation
  2. Ty for sharing this, kept the lid on my sleep deprived brain from popping off
  3. Her confidence has come SUCH a long way from the beginning of her career I'm
  4. Not OP but there are plenty of dark mode filters out there! I personally like the Dark Mode extension from/on Google Chrome
  5. OMG. So much going, I just noticed the themes are completed sdjbjsfbd The pastel pink one I-
  6. Love these so much more!! I just can't with square designs on t-shirts/hoodies in general, like at least round out the corners or incorporate the design into the clothing
  7. I’m sad I’m missing out on a lot of legendary merch but at the same time I’m very pleased that all these scalpers are probably losing sleep
  8. @stupidapartmentcomplex when I was nervous about a track name like “Taco Truck” and you had said to me, quote, “taco truck gonna come for our wigs i know it” 🔥
  9. When Jon chimes in saying “candy necklaces” the tone of the track becomes so sinister and dark and eerie and I love it so much
  10. Only worth living if somebody is loving you < It's not about having someone to love me anymore
  11. This! I disliked it at first too, and now while I'm having one of those sleepless nights, I've been playing on loop non-stop and it's def one of my favorite songs ever by her Like, wut @my mind
  12. Omg I had completely forgotten about this because of the album hype. WHERE IS MY PRESENT PT. 2
  13. Same! Never again (I didn't learn from NFR back then ) AND I also agree with the ranking! Oh my god. It's all flip flopping between UV and Ocean Blvd for me but I haven't even had enough time to fully absorb this album omg.
  14. I looove the strangeness(?) of Taco Truck and hope we get an MV there too because
  15. I can't stop crying, today fucking sucked, but I feel lucky to have these to listen to and be reminded that it's not just me who goes through certain things
  16. It's just that I don't trust myself with my heart... I've had to let it break a little more cause they say that's what it's for
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