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  1. Oh my godddddd I am SO excited now. Like more than normal I completely agree with the reviews for the songs (leaks) that I've already listened to and I love how the rest of the songs are described THEREFORE I-
  2. Awe I just want to say that this was such a sweet response and I love how friendly this exchange turned out! This is exactly how it should be between mods and all the users here In the end we're all here because of and for Lana's music and to openly express our thoughts about it! I like to think it's just so good that it's leaving everyone speechless
  3. This is really sending me lmfao I'm drowning in work papers but all while still trapped in this pre-leak prison HELP
  4. LMAO I strongly agree, def not that
  5. Was listening to/thinking of this song so much again today. I love it so much, but not sure I've written about it before I was having the worst summer of my life because of loss/grief/on and on (and because of that I could barely enjoy NFR in general) but thought I'd go bike riding and see some scenery to cheer myself up. It was a particularly hot day, strolling down the street when suddenly this song was uploaded on YT while I stopped to drink some water. It sounded so, so magical and simultaneously I received an apology from a friend I hadn't really spoken to in years. That bike ride... it felt like everything was going to be fine Her vocals are heavenly on this track and sometimes I listen to my ringtone by itself just to relive that momentous feeling. And I won't even start about her voice on that early mix version ehfkjsgjsdg https://dl.dropbox.com/s/2qls73d8qjcdibc/Lana - Ringtone DoinT.mp3 Summertime... and the livin's easy It was the first time I had genuinely felt happy in so long, and the first time my favorite season changed I love her so mach And I can't wait to see the summer again we're gonna run to the party and dance to the rhythm, it gets harder
  6. It's gonna be alright, luff. Remember the kinds of songs she blasts after a good church sesh? Imagine how inspired we'll be after LDR9
  7. Hoe wouldn't release tiddy merch so I did what I had to do
  8. MY HEART 😭😭😭 I can’t wait until I see all these lyrics transcribed (unless someone’s done that already), will be honestly mind blowing 😩
  9. Honestly her speech was real asf, it must be so shocking to go from being overall mocked and disliked to being honoured like this by this point. I'll never forget some of my own friends legit dissing her out of nowhere in uni only to have her as their wallpaper by the end
  10. At one point in the speech she looked pissed (and it also glitched then so who knows), and my brother and I totally thought she was about to go off about the leak LMAO help
  11. Omg I love this. She's honestly a living legend but also a living meme ‎️‍🔥
  12. Especially because it seemed Lana herself was going through several different emotions ugh I'm pissed I missed parts
  13. Omfg thank fuck it cut off right at the end. That was sooo beautiful. “If you’re curious, I’m happy” 😭😭😭
  14. First the leaks and now this, I guess she’ll find out about this after as well Devastating
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