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  1. Not me pulling over on the streets for this!! JXISKDK LANA LOOKS GORGEOUS. I’m gonna refrain from commenting on that dress but 😭💖
  2. The way this thread is updating so fast that I'm lost and loving the constant whiplash
  3. Omg @anyone who believed those lyrics at face value, I've officially fallen for you lmfao
  4. When I started reading this read, I had zero context but already had fallen for their sus pfp
  5. Honestly this is what I'm sad about lol, like why not wait just literally a few more hours...
  6. I just finished a deadly work project deadline and have no brain cells left but I'm loving this Rob me, Lana
  7. It is a very cute necklace!! This is one those rare times where I wish it was even more specific/explicit LMAO I'm so complicated like, as an A&W (the franchise) whore, I'd like to visit discreetly
  8. Look fishtail, I know there are things you wanna say to us, but just let us live
  9. Honestly, I'm SO incredibly picky with merch that I don't even know where to begin, sndfjsdf. But mainly I don't like just anyone knowing what I'm into so personally I like the kind of merch that's very "if you know, you know, and if you don't, then it's just a cute item" and that can be tough to nail.
  10. Every era I tell myself I'll resist all snippets and leaks, and every era I find myself deep diving into any potential said snippets and leaks Lmfao idk something about using Lana leak hype for the opportunity to give not yourself, but your dick exposure is very sending
  11. I'm too afraid of my potential results, but I'm so proud of yours
  12. I'm really happy for Rob and simultaneously find this sort of hilarious idk I just . Anyways, living for its immediate release!! I've also never heard him sing before so I'm super curious.
  13. I'm allergic to jewelry that isn't titanium/diamond/gold and so I'm drawn to the A&W necklace buuuuuuuut then I think about hitting up the A&W restaurant in that and just wanna die, so that's a wrap Oh I just meant when you sign up for general drop updates via email. Some people get notified so quickly, and then there are others like me
  14. SUPER overwhelmed and freaked out omg I can't wait, I need that zippo For my health ofc Also I haven't kept up but wasn't the merch supposed to be released ~March 1st? And I got the merch email just now after all this time, feeling attacked 2nite
  15. I CAN[T WAIT. A&W is so unique and dainty and depressing and uplifting (the various parts and all their different moods) and I can't really say I've heard that sound done before in the same way, sort of like how I've felt with countless other Lana songs which paved the way for modern singers today. I also love that she hasn't cared for a long time now about things like socials or critics so I hope she truly went off in whichever creative way she wanted. I know all the songs are finished so I'm especially thrilled that there won't be (knock on wood... ) a million delays Also, no??? It will forever be about A&W to me before each listen 🔥
  16. I am compleeeetely overwhelmed coming back on here and IK IK I'm missing a lot of posts that are now forever lost in the sauce but I appreciate it all so so so much to say the least and I'm SO SORRY I missed this entire thing from conception to end!!! I was dealing with some tingz - all my love and congrats to all the winners and also??? Idk how to feel about me having deleted all photos of myself here like half a year ago and still getting nominated LMAO I'm so????? Right meow that- Trumatized but in a good way <33333 Thank you forever I'm kind of speechless/unsure how to verbalize my thots and feelz I love everyone hyping everyone up it's so so cute and these are the things that make life less ugly ugh xoxoxoxo Also dying at the "I’m just a wee little pinky" hoe stfu and take a compliment before I go off again about how happy I am you were born Also ily sweet @Mer ty for all your sweet sprinklings hottie baddie baby!!!!! And everyone else as well again idk how to process and ty @West Coast for letting me know about any of this in the first place usrhkshrgrg ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
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