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  1. 77 days to go 7 days in a week, 7 oceans, 7 continents, 7 colors of rainbows, 7 deadly sins and so on And so like with twice the 7s, not sure what it all means but!!!! tightens tin foil hat
  2. Venice

    The "Do You?" Game

    Yes, you, actually. [insert cross-armed Ariana emote] Do you have a favorite artist you love equally as much as Lana, or close enough?
  3. Just got home omg now I can roll my eyes in peace Wuttice dis omg I love her so much and it's not okay I can't even process this thread let alone era yet !!!!!!!!!!! This !!!!!!!!!!! You get me Holy shit you are so right, I thought the same!!
  4. So, because I'm a lunatic and my memory is wild, I found it for you! Skip to 25:45 Now we live in the same timeline!!
  5. SEHGKJSHG I have waaaaay too much energy today for my own good. Omfg. She gives me so much life omg I love Layna so much my soul is shaking I'm ready!!!!!!
  6. She said it on IG I think! I watched it live. She also wanted to do her releases like how The Weeknd does
  7. Omg wait, is any track title officially confirmed yet or is this all speculation?? This sounds too good to be true
  8. Also, love these to deaff but remember when she said she's only going to do digital now?
  9. Venice

    Instagram Updates

    OMGGGG. This vintage-y style reminds me of the original Blue Jeans MV. I'M SO- Yes yes yes
  10. Ugh, I love her. Also, the whole "Earlier today, Lana Del Rey ordered a Venti Peppermint Mocha with Nonfat Milk" will never not be sending to me. The dedication, the creepiness, the luff, the fandom.
  11. I've got a bad idea... Man, I thought I was over my Miss Granola phase. Why'd she have to be so hot?
  12. I have nothing against TS but did this hoe really give Lana a roughly 10 second faded background "feature" or am I hallucinating? If I wasn't a Lana stan, I probably wouldn't be able to even notice that she's on the track. Maybe it's all apart of the snow on the beach concept, coming down but no sound all around...
  13. From France, huh? I should've known, because Madamn
  14. Flashbacks of when we were all hitting up the vinyl stores for early deets forever lusting for Lana
  15. I can feel her ghost I'm gonna die alone, mama
  16. Oh yes yes yessssss. I love you Miss Badger
  17. For once I don't really care for the vocals but omg those violin strings can kiss me any day. I'm gonna make the instrumental my ring tone whenever I break my iPhone next
  18. I’m not personally into TS (other than masterpiece 1989 Deluxe and some of her early stuff ) but I think this is a really sweet idea! Especially with how much Taylor has praised Lana over the years, I just think it would be such a cute little passion project and I need it
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