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  1. And she looks sooooo good in that one. Maybe even the best out of all of them. God I love her
  2. Okay I pull up But first
  3. Venice


    I love the aesthetic!! Vintage, classy, pastel heaven
  4. It's a 10, but that gif... is just not right bruh scared n shakinf Hold me tight
  5. Taste dat pink venom
  6. Venice

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    Feeling super super SUPER
  7. My younger brother, who’s always hated Lana’s music, has been blasting West Coast, Off to the Races and Dealer back to back non-stop for several days now. I think I’ve finally broken him, I’m so proud
  8. You're onto something In general, I can't not think of Lana whenever it comes to cherries in any shape or form, it's been yearssss.
  9. What's this I'm hearing about... country? Team Delulu till the end, hell yeah Inch resting. Well, if she thinks Ride and VG are country in any way then I'm more than fine with this Even excited
  10. dhgsjfg I'm so happy! I always liked this version so much more. It's a lot more... her.
  11. OMGGGGG you know TATU?!?!?! 🔥🔥🔥
  12. Oh COCC (), I caaaaan't with your mind. I'm in luff. Manifesting everything that we deserve ♡ "If these be lies..." Loving the atmosphere. The threats, the drama, the scandals. I think LDR9 will be in the same vein as as the last few (more stripped) but let's see!
  13. "Lana and Jack Donoghue at a prison in Chicago, IL"... just hit differently lmaoo, I thought I had missed some really serious update 💀
  14. The betrayal! See, this is why I should’ve won yo lil contest instead Look forward to my rigging in the future. Reminds me of my friend’s party some months back when a stranger and I (I mean I had jussst met him) played this song simultaneously on different speakers, like what are the chances!! I’m still in some sort of shock, it was so hype. Highly rec trance music for those late night crackhead hours. What’s a song you didn’t initially like, but it grew on you a lot?
  15. So random, this is sending me Only on Lanaboards
  16. Love you babe but it’s a no to the yayo (for now) I don’t generally care for outros bc of my impatience so I’m just gonna pretend you asked about a scandalous, cute song instead mhm Makes me wanna table dance [alone in my room, with the security of my stuffed bitches (the teddy squad)] @Whore of Tropico What song are you currently obsessed with by an artist other than Lana? Drop it for me hoe xo
  17. Venice

    The Weeknd

    This is what I wanna know toooo.
  18. Venice

    Doja Cat

    I'm considering it (Vancity or Toronto), I do love them both! But I'm not a fan of Weeknd's newest album skrhgskrhg. Hopefully Doja plays more than just a couple numbers
  19. You beat me to my edit sijgskjg but what’re you gonna do about it anyways, arrest me? Moving on, Tbh my car playlists (which are v different from my regular music because I just love bass when I drive)))) which I kind of see as one endless song/mood, remind me of and send me to space all the time, just the strangeness of the sounds i.e. What’s a song you’ve listened to for forever but haven’t ever gotten sick of?
  20. Since when do you like songs/beats like these, omg This is too much for me to take in EDIT: Just realized this is apart of a game sihskjgh THE PRESSURE. I'll be bacc later I don't have the time rn, pls skip over my reply
  21. Throwing you to the wolves for this one hunny
  22. Venice


    LMAO I realized after I watched that, I think it’s because time feels so… bizarre since covid 😭 Aww! Same! All her unreleased gems from back then too. But during her break from music, at some point I lost track of her. An icon though 😭❤️‍🔥
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