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  1. So exciting!!! You know this crazy hoe was camping up waiting for this release dfhgjknfgk I love it so much!!!
  2. Omg my first time seeing IRL photos of it, tysm for sharing!! Gorgeousss
  3. Venice

    Taylor Swift

    PLS this is sending me
  4. This is just toooo good to be true (YTH release) to where I don't accept this! In fear of it never happening, so my future hopes can't be crushed
  5. Had a dream last night about excitedly running into Lana on the street and asking her a million questions in the most annoying valley girl type of accent known to man, but I just couldn’t stop being that way for whatever reason HELP why does my mind generate these kinds of movies
  6. gorgeous jdgjg i want the white vinyl for the tiddy on vinyl, and now the indie exclusive for the tiddy on the alt cover
  7. Venice


    Make me feel alive I'm not a fan of the main "Flower" single because I don't like anti-drops in general but thissss is so...!
  8. Yeah I keep seeing it as red in general in so many posts, but it's always described as some shade of pink, so def not just your lighting! Anyway, it's super pretty! Love it 💚💚💚
  9. Did you know that it’s a giant critical faux pas to introduce records by a feature as banal as the material fact of their runtime? Did you know that this latest Lana del Rey record does contain some measure of robust and moving songwriting about topics other than sex, death and California? Did you know that Antonoff is not only back behind the desk for this one, but now also on mic duties? Did you know that the remaining features are frittered between such indulgent misfires as “Peppers” and the already infamous “Judah Smith Interlude”, or else wasted on songs as hopelessly banal as “Candy Necklace” and “Let The Light In”? Did you know that the audacity of this song ripples like an earthquake through the rest of the record? Well, did you know that Lana? Lmaooo this "review" is like some sort of parody, help
  10. Venice

    Ariana Grande

    She got me some type of way
  11. Ahh we're so similar in taste! 1. NFR 2. Ocean Blvd 3. Ultraviolence 4. Honeymoon 5. BTD/Paradise 6. Lust for Life 7. Blue Banisters 8. Chemtrails
  12. That was my honest reaction, confused laughter on the inside Like I know all these subs and forums are more or less anonymous but I still find it bizarre (to say the least...) to openly state things like that, can't wrap my mind around it Whatever forever
  13. A lot of the repetitive phrases throughout the tracks make the album more cohesive to me and the meanings of those parts more special
  14. I forgot that themes apply to the mobile site too and arrived to suchhhh a gorgeous pastel pink surprise and lewk
  15. I feel like this sums up the overall mood in order of the album tracklist
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