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  1. A cease and decease from TAP management coming before COTCC? The priorities!
  2. my aunt's friend is a psychic and she said it's going to be September 27th. on the 27th, Saturn goes direct with Capricorn, which makes the truth become everything as we focus our attention on getting to the root of the matter. but maybe it won't be till the 29th till we get the answer we want.
  3. What if she decides to scrap the video ala Next American Record/Ultraviolence and saves the footage for another era? Queen of recycling! HER MIND
  4. I used to be a believer in manifesting/law of attraction till this thread. The more manifestation you all do and the more disappointment we get. Only the opposite happens.
  5. Completely agree! I am not saying I wish Lana was broke and certainly don't think that artist should suffer for their art. With that said, as you mention there is something about the art that comes from the fire of trying to prove yourself. Once you're more establish - like with any job, as you reach a higher place it becomes more of a job and that fire to constantly prove yourself fades away. I was just imagining what her art would look like in 2020 if she was still up and coming. It would be interesting how it would differ from say 2010, given the current world state. Her current output is still magnificent and something WE STAN!
  6. can you all imagine if Lana was broke? how much effort she would put into her craft and all the art we would get from her? I mean those homemade visuals she did during her Lizzy Grant days were a SERVE. In this essay, I'll discuss how money and fame can have an impact on....
  7. She is just messing with us at this point. She said I am going to give something to #TeamDelulu and see how far they can take it for her own giggles.
  8. What color do you all think the COCC jockstraps will be? Can't wait to see the full COCC merch
  9. Lana has NEVER lied and I doubt that she would start lying now.
  10. My friends mom is a psychic and she says that "Sugar Daddies in the Mexican Desert - Are Dangerous But I Love It Anyway" will be a track on the album! COCC CULTURAL APPROPRIATION MASTERPIECE INCOMING
  11. The way us #TeamDelusion keep our hope blindly and keep sipping on the delusion juice despite the red flags/obvious signs that say otherwise. Is this what Trump supporters take?
  12. yes, if you look closely when they turn around you can see its motion tracked. my aunt of aunt is an editor and she said it was a really bad job. fake news. ugh her mind. COCC in 4 days!
  13. I showed this video to my cousin who is a graphic designer and video editor, he told me the that the masks the people are wearing in the background are fake. They were added in and this was actually shot in December but they wanted to throw us off. COCC is coming this weekend
  14. PopMonster

    Charli XCX

    living for xcxmas! WTGFU is a cute gurl but helium goes so hard. An instant classic
  15. Put on the clown mask Wear my Stan goggles on LanaBoards We've got nothing much to live for Ever since COCC was delayed
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