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    Billie Eilish

    Do we have the instrumentals for TV and The 30th? Or even acapellas
  2. Repress! Plain white vinyl http:// credits: ross.vinyl on Instagram
  3. Who cares about her boyfriend’s feed. Just another way of dragging Lana and the people around her. Meh
  4. I don’t know if it’s Lana related but Eclipse twitted this should i... Stay? Will you play nice?
  5. For Free, an idealist spending their free time romanticizing their past and following playful tangents of “what if.” You value art (especially music) that allows you a form of escapism from your life. that’s so true oh my-
  6. Same old fake-insiders infos? Logging off asap
  7. Manifesting a fall realease with a few singles in september
  8. White vinyl restock be fast https://www.amazon.com/Banisters-Amazon-Exclusive-Transparent-White/dp/B09FQ36XY6
  9. The Italian version will be available on June 28th! “Violet e altre poesie” (“Violet and other poems”) https://www.ibs.it/violet-altre-poesie-libro-lana-del-rey/amp/9788804738244
  10. Welcome back to the circus!
  11. I hope the drums and guitar version is one of them. like the Freak demo and live version
  12. You'll Never Walk Alone!
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