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  1. I think they’ll be ready for next week
  2. Anyway they won’t restock them https://www.instagram.com/p/CVOAuyPLIDY/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. Please tell me you’re trolling me cause…
  4. + I’m sharing my opinion on LANABOARDS. You’re acting like I want to talk shit about her for no reason
  5. “accusing of selling” like she’s in charge of the number of copies she gets ”without any proofs” just comparing signed stuff ”defamation” like it’s really that serious ”expose her” like I hate her or something If you wanna believe the cocc signs were real, do it. I won’t stop you. But stop trying to make me feel bad for my opinion. It’s not that serious trust me
  6. Let’s hope the LanaBoards gurls and gays will get a real signature by Lana herself I still think a lot of artists get a bunch of copies to sign and the majority of them are sent to someone else. But I don’t think this is the case. The signed stuff sold out in like a hour, so her team only had “a few” copies to sell
  7. It’s the 19th and we’re still waiting for vinyl and cassette pics
  8. Thank you Jane Powers for being my Living Legend. (2014)
  9. Me too. I’m also excited for the cassette
  10. What if the Sheridan stories were for the Colbert performance?
  11. You would get a refound (better than nothing)
  12. We already have the Nikki Lane and American covers ones
  13. Which vinyl will be the coolest? I bet the white one looks amazing
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