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  1. Ok, no one attack me cus my lack of taste and knowledge jumped out for a second but im learnin. I always hear you guys talk about Lilac Wine and im always thinking "whatever boring classic these hoes are yellin about, next"....so skip to today, ive been house/dog sitting in this bougie ass home of my friends parents. On comes Lilac Wine by Nina Simone and GOOD GOD I am so sorry I mentally talked shit on yall without any knowledge. Its an opus of a song. Simone dropped the mic on that one and its So Lana. I know she legit said the covers are mostly folk but yeah, im on the Lilac Wine wagon and feel so deprived all these years. Miss Queen, this is a formal request
  2. Yes! Even though I think Chloe and Halle did the definitive 2020 version, I will GLADLY take that. Its my moms favorite song and would mean so much. Yes please for requests miss Lana!
  3. Oh....oh God wait this gives me stress. Going back now to see what she said. Could it be earlier?? Could it be February 25th?????? (Lana if you're here I love you and I joke in the most stupid of fashions please don't manifest)
  4. Shes not American but if Lana did anything by Vashti Bunyan, it would slay us for life. See "I'd Like to Walk Around in your Mind", "Train Song" and especially "Rose Hip November". Vashti was around at the time of Donavan and that whole folk movement but never caught the fame she deserved till much later in life. Lanas versions wouldn't even have to differ much. Its the sparse woodland folk music we need from her. Alas, not American. So we can expect Bob Dylan for sure yes?
  5. The hype is BACK. Here for a no nonsense title. Its such a 50's esque serve
  6. Oh my GOD!! Our girl is doubling down that this Standards album is real AND she sang the hymn of our new president elect- honestly....gettin a little emotional...I fuckin love to see it. Let's go Lana. Let's go our Queen. We are all here for it, no trying to deny.
  7. Good to know! Its just like Dear Lord this has been a disaster of epic proportions already (but she couldn't control most of it) let the poor lass have a moment where she doesn't have to pivot.
  8. @bored @Lustformoney Thank you! I....I just want the rest of whatever she defines as a plan to go smoothly for her.
  9. Lol no luck yet. Also I better not be reading what I think I'm reading here regarding a certain title track. Im a No Snippet Salamander until this damn album is upon us <existential crisis increases>
  10. Oh my God the chaos. Flipping though the pages trying to find where this December vinyl discussion came from. And Chemtrails? Jack better have that shit under LOCK AND KEY. if it leaks in any way before an "appropriate"time (there never is one) ill just deflate to nothing. No damn leaks! At least not with Chemtrails, even though its in a very dangerous position. Ughhhhhhh let's just get to the flippin Standards album in one piece lol
  11. Short answer is yes. Fun fact in 2013 i was working at an AMC on the Pa,Delaware border. He came in to see The Butler along with Jill. It was a really slow night, until my manager told me to act right-in come 15 plus secret servicemen. Then his wife Jill walks in (she walks like a queen and has a fantastic smile in person). Joe came in last. He came to the concession stand, was super friendly and a good handshake. He got the #2 combo, 2 cokes and a large popcorn. He paid, said thank you, and went about his way. Serviceman hung out everywhere you could look.Only time I've ever come into contact with anyone "important". I think how you treat cashiers and servers is indicative of who you are in real life, and he was kind to me. These small moments matter.
  12. Yoooo...you're so right. Bless your positivity (given the situation) and of course to the others who saw the light before me. Still don't want the Chem mv just yet. But having an album of covers, mixed with the bittersweetness of winter, the drinks at night are gonna be DevinE. And when (dear God let it be a when) we get Chemtrails, it will be a career defining ERA.
  13. Ok, since I've calmed down... @DCooper Preachh that 100 percent. Mind you I did hate she told us election night, but I honestly looked at the message in the wrong way, (my mind was six ways to Sunday gone with anxiety) and this sweet covers album is actually mad awesome. The Other Woman and Season of the Witch are two of my most played songs by her, like Season STAYS in rotation, so I should be-and now am-elated. COS making it seem like this is the cherry on top of Lanas demise is disgusting. And to our girl herself, who is looking so hot lately-drag that one bitch fan to filth!!! You better get that hoe!!! But in the end.....my heart aches for the album we don't have. And thats gonna hurt for a bit. But damn if this Fandom isn't resilient.
  14. Also....I dont want that Chemtrails mv right now anymore. No frixkin way im going through another MAC/VB situation along with an actual Fire visual with no project to attach it to for...4 to 5 additional months. No frickin wayyyyy. Legit unless the album is 16 songs long and its the only thing she does besides the covers album.
  15. Well, New Jersey passed recreational weed. Might need to make my username a reality
  16. Too mad to care right now. I'll be in love in a week. She didn't have to do this on election night, jesus.
  17. Wow.WOWWWWWWW. wait I might run away again and lurk for awhile. Im..im so fucking sad
  18. WTF are you all talking about a cover album. Im literally melting down cus I couldn't listen. Did we lose to the point of death?
  19. GTFO!!! Bless you! To add-im at a friend's house so I listened for 30 seconds and stopped. OMFG its stunning. So sparse. But achingly beautiful. Fuck. So wait this is for a documentary?
  20. Oh absolutely mood song through and through. Thats why Chemtrails is gonna SNAP. I dont even want to imagine its aesthetics cus its going to be, I think indescribable. I always join the panic cus like, its Lana and the girl could do something insane at any moment, but she employed people and their creativity to bring this FULL COURSE MEAL to life. Also I'm sure even those not in the states are more than well aware, but it is super tense here, so im thinking at least next week for any news. Was hoping we'd have an album to get us through these times, but the wait will be worth it. Come through Queen Mother.
  21. I definitely get this, but its somehow become a comfort song for me? Idk it comes on and by the bridge i realize I've been singing along the entire time. No serious vocal acrobats on it and its so chill. I love her, she can stay, just in the back closer to the punch bowl.
  22. @Pico Boulevard sing it! Sing to me my angel of music!!! It is shocking how quickly that snippet can set up shop in your mind. Sexy, sultry lana is best Lana
  23. Happy Halloween and a Happy birthday to any other lanababies born on this great holiday! To address Chemtrails...her video is just cruel. Enjoy your time boo....trolling away. Spent too much time by the Golden Gate Bridge and adopted a super troll persona. Does this girl not know that we're all turning into bitchy little Wednesday's with impatience! Well, let the day begin and see what happens!
  24. Lord...hey yall the blood and gore is supposed to be spilled tomorrow, right? @Lustformoney I think you're a riot and a gem of the board to Chemtrails, I think me and all fellow Halloween babies (I know there are others who celebrate a bday tmr) are CLINGING to this possibly being an album trailer. If not, slap my face and call me Jason and hopefully we'll be hacking and slashing and vibin and bitin on Friday the 13th! Let it be so Lana, end the violence.
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