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  1. I want Lana in a creature feature f*cking SHINING. JLo made Anaconda, an honest to God great creature feature of its time. Lana'd be so vulnerable, and so prone to badassery. Give me Lana and Creature From The Black Lagoon. Guillermo del Toro is already pissed this didn't happen haha
  2. Rina!!! I just full-blown listened to her about a month ago, and can't stop saying her name. So damn beautiful (fuxk all teachers who cant/won't pronounce unique first/last names, your moms a hoe) i sort of like Lucid. Like ALOT. But it still feels like an appetite for the real Rina. Shes proven she can do certain styles better than the best of the best, now claim your kingdom Queen! Her future is gonna be so damn thrilling. You know its gonna cut deep too
  3. I'm reading this like such a f*ckin delicious menu but damn do i need just the most transparent, dummy set proof that Christmas will actually be a good day for me. Please. OmFG what if she dropped official single #2 for Chem with the covers album drop. Oh Lana honey, please please please!! Life is getting so shitty and your music is one of the few cures! (For real, anyones else's December just awful so far, off topic, love you all )
  4. Its beautiful. A register too high but its gorgeous and the choir didn't even ask permission if they could make me sob. Powerful song for anyone going through it. And so many other versions as well! (Think I saw both a Judy Garland and a Johnnie Cash while scrolling through Spotify)
  5. 2nd this, 3rd this, 4th this. Kill Kill is perfect as is. Focus on that cover albums and the Country Club girl, we don't look back only forward! (For real though, this isn't a TSwift situation, and Kill Kill lounges in the past where she belongs)... we're getting CoCC in May aren't we? Lol
  6. Maybe I'm just in a mood, Maybe the December blues have decided to be extremely punctual-but that was fucking emotional. Love the version she posted. Tears before 9am is such a bitch.... im gonna watch it again
  7. HighbytheSea

    Miley Cyrus

    Ok. So its, well incredible. Only complaint, and it might be cus im broken but it sometimes sounds like they backed off her vocals randomly, like they were afraid of her power. However, Angels Like You, Hate Me, and Never Be Me may be the goddamn TRIFECTA of this woman's incredible evolution to- i wouldn't even call her a rock star, its too simple-This is just an iconic survival, she should've gone down 12 times over now. Night Crawling and Gimme What I Want are such swagger, High was the grower but im into it, and Bad Karma is sexxxy. But Angels Like You and Hate Me, I was rendered to tears. When the lyrics speak to the personal and universal, it can overwhelm the senses and cause the levy of my tear ducts to break. This is a fucking masterpiece.
  8. Coming to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all and that Lana's message broke my heart. Hug those you're allowed to hug my friends.
  9. This is my senior week song lol. The power, substitute in some typewriter sounds as she'd no doubt bring it with her and bop is served.
  10. So...confirmed this queen now can do whatever the F*CK she wants cus screw those nominations. Interscope/Simon (whoever) where's the frickin effort? And no Weeknd, no Fiona in the right categories, and no flippin Violet where she belongs. God the Grammy's are horrid.
  11. Lordt...its so sad im probably joining you in that. Im smiling so much! Also yes holy wow the super close up....how is this girl only 6 years older than me? Well I guess the Chipotle isn't great on the skin....ain't givin that up.
  12. A burrito? I dunno, I kept Chipotle in business during quarantine (annnnddd we're back at it again!) I cant believe Brunette Lana is back, im so surprised. She is, shew honestly she usually gets me speechless. An absolute babe
  13. Omg, the Michael Jackson vibes! Whatever you create, It is always without question a wonderful distillation of the mood. Has me hyped for a song we've never heard
  14. .....ya know....it seems like the opening of the video, especially the wording, seems as though this was meant to be a follow up to something. She was with the gang somewhere first in the "video realm"...will this be the Chemtrails aesthetic? Ditching the posh bitches of the country club and LA and joining her real friends out on the open road, Steinbeck style.
  15. Took a song i usually associate with August, gave it an October vibe and said "make it sexy"...then released it while the airwaves begin prepping the Christmas onslaught. Fuckin love to see it.
  16. This. This is exactly how I feel. Not that I've ever been eloquent on here, but words escape me. I forgot that this woman is a sorceress of atmosphere. The band and especially her backup singers make this such an ace. Totally random in terms of its feel-anyone ever seen or heard of Over The Garden Wall? I get that vibe from this version.
  17. Its just such a serve, all she did was serve us. Tip the goddamn bill 100 percent. Repeat customer right here. I have honestly had it on repeat since release. I'll check on Miley by midnight, this has my FULL attention. But yes, there's a 50/50 chance this is charity only...but we stan a generous Queen
  18. Is anyone else just sultry strutting around their house, followed by cats, waving hello to the ghosts in the corners as Lana sings to them and....hmmm I should acquire physical friends as well
  19. Its the second to last "Standing Byyyy" at 3:14/5 that made me almost drop the booze. She did NOT have to put an exclamation point on this like that!!! YOOOOOO I'm sorry I'm so giddy she came for this songs belongings and said mine now bishhhhhh. This is how its done, professional soul snatcher
  20. Its SPOOKY. And delicate and the power in her voice and how engaged she is with the camera and she seems so happy and im rambling and are these tears? (drops dead)
  22. YUSSSS. ugh blessed we're doin shots AND still sleeping at a decent hour here on the east coast? (Jk, staying up till midnight to listen to miss Miley, so this will get about 4 hours of replay first )
  23. Impeccable taste!!!!! I'm here for the rest of your manifestations. But yall, let's start partying! I cant speak for the rest of you, but I dont think my mind is fully recovered from election week. The news grows more grim by the day, the sentient orange gourd still wreaking havoc, an uncertainty still tainting the very air.(but there is hope). Im so emotionally spent, and like a dove with a vine, Lana has come to lift my head and look forward. Yes its a cover, one I actually really cherish, especially Scarlett Johansson's version. But this is going to be an absolute serve, and I want my favorite friends of the boards celebrating with me. Im grabbing a bottle tonightttttt!!!!!
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