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  1. @Pico Boulevard sing it! Sing to me my angel of music!!! It is shocking how quickly that snippet can set up shop in your mind. Sexy, sultry lana is best Lana
  2. Happy Halloween and a Happy birthday to any other lanababies born on this great holiday! To address Chemtrails...her video is just cruel. Enjoy your time boo....trolling away. Spent too much time by the Golden Gate Bridge and adopted a super troll persona. Does this girl not know that we're all turning into bitchy little Wednesday's with impatience! Well, let the day begin and see what happens!
  3. Lord...hey yall the blood and gore is supposed to be spilled tomorrow, right? @Lustformoney I think you're a riot and a gem of the board to Chemtrails, I think me and all fellow Halloween babies (I know there are others who celebrate a bday tmr) are CLINGING to this possibly being an album trailer. If not, slap my face and call me Jason and hopefully we'll be hacking and slashing and vibin and bitin on Friday the 13th! Let it be so Lana, end the violence.
  4. HighbytheSea

    Dua Lipa

    I thought they were well matched, but having never heard Angèle before, she was awesome. I enjoyed the song FAR more than I thought I would since I'm salty about Chemtrails not coming since I'm stupid. But yeah, Fever wins best release this week, Crazy Train a close second
  5. I thought I would be drinking to celebrate....now ill just be drinking and hate-listening to Ariana. LANA GOOD GOD SAVE THIS YEAR
  6. This is horrid. You need like, melatonin and SpongeBob or something to fix the horrors that cross your mind. Thats actually an honest fear of mine. Lana is a tough, tough badass but we know shes fragile and views herself that way in aspects, so I always fear some serious cruelty will force her away, which no one could blame. Thats why I'm, not to say happy, but I take solace in her interview, be it satire or genuine, that she knows her fight and she recognizes her demons and fears and bad days. Shit we need this album NOW.
  7. I....its superior. I need new production on those two ugly step sisters. Wait this is the meanest thing I've said on here and it comes from love I swear! I...will accept them if they show up in a new light.
  8. Its an absolute serve, thats why I was trying to forget it! I think its going to be kind of like the HIAB of the album-seems basic at first but is an absolute banger in its own way. She is 100% at one thing-a damn good melody.
  9. This. This one is the most sadistic. Foul frickin language. Lana miss, your move. Ma is a level of petty that I hope Lana never aspires for.
  10. Lord I'm so nervous for my emotions. Please dearest Lana, Ambassador of the heavens and songs, please throw us this Halloween treat!!! Also 2 sidenotes 1- @vodkaa, you're an absolute riot, your energy is blessed 2-im listening to Annie with her new album Dark Hearts to survive. Never heard of her before but its pretty great.....but some Chemtrails would be better!!
  11. So everyone keeps using this ridiculous tool called logic to convince me that this isn't happening on Friday, or this weekend, but learning that Zella is just dropping a cover of Ozzy's Osbournes Crazy Train, which is cool in itself...I think she's only putting that out so, more than enough space for Lana to really shine this Halloween weekend. If it doesn't happen, my heart is calloused and Halloween is always the best anyway
  12. Is she listening to Hallucinagenics with Nikki on the fb vid? (That's where I saw it at least) Lana girl. Wrong song!
  13. Its another week, and this time we have hope!!! Yall, im so excited. Im SO EXCITED! We are getting served so soon (ew I said the word), and I truly think its gonna be a watershed moment in her career. The world is angry, the knives are out, the forests burning-and Lana is here to either quell the flame, or light up a blunt and watch it all burn while lounging by the poolside bar, drinking cherry cola and vaping lightly. On NFR's cover she was reaching out for us to join her, to be together as we faced the end. Chemtrails, shes done giving a F*ck. Either sit beside her and vibe while it all crumbles, or get out of her sunlight. Ps LMLYLAW is a wake n bake song...things ive noticed in my travels. PPs-Arianas album at 14 track, I like that number lets go with 14. Thats Ultraviolence's length yes?
  14. She probably got burned on the wait between her MAC and VB review and then when the rest came out haha.
  15. @IanadeIrey @Bunny Mozart Full course meals!! Im speechless. I'm putting this movie on Neowwww. Gaddamn the hype is on FIRE!
  16. Twas I, and you didn't miss me by too many pages! I'm living for this, Van Helsing was the first film I saw more than once in theatres, and Kate Beckinsale, well she stole my whole heart at that age (13). This is going to be the ultimate with Lana tapping into this kind of dark sisters vibe.
  17. So in the 2004 film Van Helsing, whenever Draculas brides fly or descend upon anyone, they leave behind them strange plumes of smoke...like Chemtrails. Just a thought
  18. I'm so late. I'm soooo late. And its freakin VAMPIRE THEMED. Yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trip i just had to get this news!!!! Got lost coming home from a place that honestly was only a half hour away. Phone died. Guessed directions for 3 HRS until I hit a highway that looked familiar (I never claimed intelligence) and come in to this Halloween Blessing!!! Officially OFFICIALLY stoked (Stokered should we say?) And I will no longer complain PEriod! Now if this is a day before Halloween serve, it'll be the best Halloween bday ever. But still!!!!!!!!!! Permanent smile today
  19. So im just reading articles discussing LMLYLAWs release, and both publications (Billboard and Pop crave maybe) mentioned how it shouldve been Sep 5th but the lengthy vinyl process held the album up etc. My DUMB ASS mind immediately went-its a double album thats why. Like brain, Stfu we are not here for this form of legitimate evil delusion! Anyway...who's excited for the deep cuts of the album? I remember when I first heard Salvatore, nothing could have prepared me. I always seem to love the 4th,8th, and 10th tracks on all previous albums without fail.
  20. I...we think the same. Drink's a double now. Also this Alexa thing, every time I hear her say her name, the next words are supposed to be "and this is my cover". But this holds some promise! However im also thinking November for anything substantial from Lana or Amazon's secretary
  21. Ooh, your taste is so strong im going to have to pour myself a drink. Cheers to you and the talent that is Orville Peck. That would be the best case scenario collab
  22. Gladly take November. October just became month of the WOMAN which is so badass but it got crowded as hell. However sidenote, I dont think miss Adele gracing the stage is gonna change plans for the album. At some point, management needs something tangible for the Big Guys, and I think Lana would have found it pretty damn insulting if her bosses had told her "Ariana is releasing here so you can't, Adele here so you can't, Lorde there so you cant" like damn no wonder she questions herself, her own team devalues her. Or she's just vibing and doesn't give AF when, who am I to say
  23. Agreed. I think, well pretty sure we All Think-that this can be solved by a date. Id love a track list but that still seems far fetched currently. Just one concrete date and the mess will end. A date AND a tracklist? Send me to heaven. Im still team January (Dear God September was a different life) cus flannels and pumpkin patches and whatnot....the lead video has no business in March.
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