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  1. Its hard to describe. Like it sounds like Nikki is singing the normal melody and lana is on a higher register and harmony,but if she was alone on the song she'd be performing at nikkis register. Sorry, I didn't even want to type that cus I dont really know how to explain myself alot.
  2. Oh facts!! Actually I'm really cool with that. Like how Cara delevigne was on Fiona apples new album but like, you would have never known had she not told us. Just a sonic support system of friends to help you record. Yeah im all about that, you solved the mystery!
  3. I'm listening to Lane's 2017 album now. From the 3 I've heard, shes a country dive bar vibe girl. We'd be friends for sure (though country is....not close to my favorite) Theory-Nikki was in the bar where Lana performed the opus that is The Greatest and she stole her away from there and made Lana tacos. Boom, friendship. Shes good vocally, however Lana singing the harmonized part instead of the main on her own album...makes me think its a solo.
  4. So Breaking up Slowly is this eras How to Dissappear in terms of "the one that gets performed live" (should we start naming incidents like Friends episodes? Here for it) Watching that last insta, shes so confident in her voice, but how do we interpret her saying Nikki was kind enough to let her have it? That either means her and Nikki wrote it together and its going to Lana, or Nikki is on it. And I'm perfectly cool with both, I dont know miss Lane at all so excuse me while I go educate myself.
  5. 2019, we really didn't know what we had did we? This song is....with the right production, and no shade on the guitar, but if this was developed, even if its a duet with Ms. Lane (solo please would be just fine though) this could devastate a soul. Lets make it so!
  6. I like the idea in abstract. The idea of bringing LA with her to the Midwest, all of its sleepless angst and glitter and dashed dreams- the cowboys will throw a fit.
  7. Blessed day! Thats pretty dope, shout out to your job and have them give you a raise for taste
  8. I am with you on that. This rollout has been....unfortunate. But at least we're moving now, and December is a super busy time for alot of us, but that January depression is REAL AF. So fully agree, Chem single and video say middle, middle end of November, enjoy some time with her family- then save us all from what I'm sure will be a horrid case of seasonal depression.
  9. Hell yeah! She really does have that power. She's so timeless, never really on the mainstream's train but every time she waves hello, that train stops and stares. I really hope this success pushes her to speed up the release as much as possible within her control.
  10. So, if I may ask and I legit mean no shade by this-do alot of you guys not want Yosemite cus its old news or because you heard the (what i understand as) super short clip. I never heard any of it besides she liked it so it is like a myth to me
  11. So she called it her favorite song on her Twitter...I wonder if this means all the others pushed her in new, unexplored areas. If you put yourself in that Ajayll headspace, the song really does just make you sway and grin so I could maybe see the radio take this....like once
  12. Isn't that Weyes? I can't tell but its definitely not ms. Farmiga. Watched it again, it feels like its just the farewell to NFR, and the masks start popping up and you just know where they are in time and that there's no going back. New era has begun!
  13. Wow. That was freakin EMOTIONAL. A snap shot into her life and her friends and whats she's missed and still has during this time. Also that cleavage shot hello! Its iconic instantaneously
  14. When ppl say her stuff all sounds the same, that statement makes me Matrix glitch like i-its the wrong opinion. I really wish she would livestream with us (oh the livestreams almost on) like come on, we miss you!
  15. I watched Venice Bitch like, 40000 times. It was repetitive as hell and barely a video, but it worked so well for me. I mean this is basically her quarantine video right? What if it starts with a whole 3 minute meltdown until shes in the arms of someone again, since so many of us were isolated and lonely.
  16. Courage!! Thatd be the ultimate desolate Lana serve if she tapped into that shows vibe. Alone in a shawl in the vast desert, no one else around except her and her house in the middle of nowhere...oh shit make this happen. I love your mind
  17. Ughhh this bridge with her Snow White falsetto. Listened now on my bose mini, those guitars can cause EXTREME reactions. I dont even know what to think the concept for the video will be, but if its her on top of a suburban in her driveway the whole time then...then hell yes we stan. LMLYLAW is growing so much, and I already liked it anyway.
  18. Ok so to weigh in on that frankly really sexy pic of her in the Yosemite tank...this photo came from Interscope themselves? If so, 10 bucks says its from the cd booklet and Yosemite is totes happening 145%!!!! (..do we learn nothing of self hype?) Also-just went for a lonely 430 run with LMLYLAW, clouds obscured the stars and drops of morning rain began as soon as the guitars kicked in, as I ran past rows of carefully demented, haunted suburb houses. It was a whole mood
  19. If this is country than call me Old Mcdonald cus this is downright charming (he says as he twirls a single piece of hay in his mouth).
  20. This song.........its the shy sister of Venice Bitch and MAC. Its less mournful but just as delicate.Those guitars are so woozy and the bridge is just, well the bridge with headphones on is just dreamy. I swear I hear faint bells during the middle half of the song. Soooooo. I love it. I LOVE IT. I think the only reason its a "grower" is cus the chorus doesn't smack you in the face like some of her songs do. This is such a headphone/car ride song. YAY!!!! (Also it does end so so abruptly....this bitch is #1 on the record isn't she)
  21. Oh no no, we're partying!!! Everyone's welcomed to join! In all honesty, im so glad she is putting this out. I fully agree with some of you, something seems, a bit off. Yet one thing Lana has never failed me in, is the element of binding with the moment. Even if some of you don't feel this, heck I might even not (cough yeah right cough) we will remember this time, where you are during these hectic times and when the rollout ***frickin hopefully** began. So yeah, Chemtrails party is on Where's a Russell crowe Gladiator meme when you need it lol (im technologically prehistoric on my phone despite being 28)
  22. I will happily update and the celebration continues through the night with the rest of the world! I believe i have... 4 hours and twenty minutes left? Let's party my favorite Fandom friends!
  23. I believe it was you who said it was James Taylor esque? Yeah that sold me all the way to the bank with all bills paid. Im all over that vibe. And if it wasn't you I'm still about the love you feel for it. Strong emotions, not so much within a song itself but how the listener reacts, is totally what I'm about. We've all experienced different realities and things that may seem passe or vague to one could shatter the heart and bring about tears to another. So im SO READY to...well we shall see
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