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  1. Oh no no, we're partying!!! Everyone's welcomed to join! In all honesty, im so glad she is putting this out. I fully agree with some of you, something seems, a bit off. Yet one thing Lana has never failed me in, is the element of binding with the moment. Even if some of you don't feel this, heck I might even not (cough yeah right cough) we will remember this time, where you are during these hectic times and when the rollout ***frickin hopefully** began. So yeah, Chemtrails party is on Where's a Russell crowe Gladiator meme when you need it lol (im technologically prehistoric on my phone despite being 28)
  2. I will happily update and the celebration continues through the night with the rest of the world! I believe i have... 4 hours and twenty minutes left? Let's party my favorite Fandom friends!
  3. I believe it was you who said it was James Taylor esque? Yeah that sold me all the way to the bank with all bills paid. Im all over that vibe. And if it wasn't you I'm still about the love you feel for it. Strong emotions, not so much within a song itself but how the listener reacts, is totally what I'm about. We've all experienced different realities and things that may seem passe or vague to one could shatter the heart and bring about tears to another. So im SO READY to...well we shall see
  4. Ok to those invested (oh wait...that's a mirror, yeesh self) i did end up staving off the temptation to listen....but you bet your ass im pouring some whiskey around 10 and seeing where this masterpiece goes!!! @vodkaa your defense and enthusiasm and descriptions are sending me!! In my life I've always "over researched" films and novels, so I've already decided I love this. Im hyped!!! And still sober for now. Im so thrilled to be celebrating with you all! (Rest of the crowd wondering how horrid i could be with some drinks, never fear I stay classy for fear of mockery)
  5. THE CRACK OF LAUGHTER THAT JUST SPLIT THIS ROOM!! omfg thats too funny, Venice was a fucking plant lolololol (a palm tree? Also her magnum opus anywayyssssss)
  6. Hmm I do enjoy her tweet, confirming its the first song off Chemtrails. Also she tweeted exactly at 4:20.....ok Lana I see you!! Actually thrilled she mentions the album
  7. Wow hahaha! I was reading your post and thought, " Yes Queen make it so!" Then I saw that nasty S word and choked hahah. However hell yes ill take a post like this! We didn't do anything wrong Lana, New Zealand and co. started the party legally
  8. @TrashMagiq and @drugsdesire im gonna wait it out but am SO HYPED to hear your takes when the time comes. Ok I'm gonna go read a book. Im on like pg 220 of 1000sum, so ill just...read till midnight hahah
  9. I'm chillin in Pennsylvania and there is motivation FLOWING through this house right now. The wonderful New Zealanders live on an island Hollywood and Hobbits like to call home AND get songs early. They stay winning. Its part of the fun to wait (I say as I slap myself across the face like a reflex, as the word "soon" comes out of my mouth)...lord im gonna need to stay busy today. WE DID IT!!!!
  10. New Zealanders.....my jealousy is boundless, my envy unwavering!!! Damn you beautiful kiwis!!! Enjoy babies!!! Oh my God we're gettin LIT tonight in the USA for this YES
  11. Oh my...oh my God. Lads and lassies IS THIS IT?!?!?!? I'm GONNA BUY A BOTTLE!!!!!!!!
  12. Literally came here to see if anyone else thinks Lana is seething with Ariana's surprise. Not so much on Grande herself, just that her upcoming work has, ONCE AGAIN, been teased "forever" when put up against other current artists. Its ok Lana my love, we are here for Quality not quantity (but you could speed up, just a smidge) Ps. Thats not shade to Grande, I admire her output and the amount of hits she gets from them.
  13. Yall....knocked out 100 pgs of a book im reading, figured,"let's see what my Lana friends are doing" and I come to this frickin tragedy?!? Lord above, back to the damn book. Truly truly need someone like Aurora or something to drop their albums cus my ears are depressed GODDAMN. A mess, my heart.
  14. OMG! OK a timeline theory- nothing official today cus its game day and she's with her boyfriend-tomorrow a video on the Violet project benefits since it's Columbus day and f*ck him, along with her announcement of the single at the end of said video, then song on Friday!!! YES PLEASE thankyouverymuchweloveyou
  15. As did I. After the book signing announcement (statement, random sentence? However we take that) my heart fell to pieces and I went back to just lurking here. Other outside forces were and are really dragging me down and I thought I wouldn't have access to the awesome manic energy that is this thread and all of you, and now this! The fun has just begun, also cannot wait for a flood of triumphant Mariah gifs
  16. GIRLS! GUYS! I'm not even far enough back to figure out whats even happening, im only at @Elles comment like less than an hour ago, BUT WE WON MY LOVES!! I woke up in such a great mood (true rarity) and this is the blessing! Ok, back to scrolling so I actually know wtf is happening
  17. Hahahah omg im....legit heartbroken. Im gonna go. Bye babies much love
  18. Shes beautiful! Good lord and heaven above her eyes steal years from the body. We should hear something after all this glamor (God...God please)
  19. Its so early to be losing on the east coast. I'll take her discussing Violet today for sure but ooof my heart. I think I might turn this into delusion and assume he's actually talking mad soon. Like MAD SOON. Just not when we want. Im gonna go read a damn book (puts phone alerts on high)
  20. Get out of town. Where? I mean does acknowledging it mean like...end of this month?
  21. 2020 has done a number on the psyche here, however im ok, i just got back from a run! (Chem loss has me exercising wtf) Lol thursday just happens to be the drinking/new music release/crushing disappointment night, and miss Lana has had us all convening here for how many sad thursday nights in a row? I will stay hoping for an October release, but this is a rare form of sadism for sure. Edit of indulgence but@Terrence Loves Me every time you post, all I hear is "Youuuuuuuuuu Arrrreeeee what you are" and it makes me smile so much
  22. I live for your energy, but im dying here. I've relegated myself to just lurking these past few days, as my hopes are feeling quite dashed. First Thursday midnight music drop that I have nothing, not even delusion, to look forward to (well Blackpink but...listen I got into them during quarantine Dont Judge lol) I do however have a new bottle of whiskey in front of me so ill take a drink at 11 to whatever craziness some of you may think is happening. Cheers luvs
  23. I'm telling my twin sister about all of our tragedies and she goes, "Omg Lana release your album, look at whats happened to the boards,your people are rolling in feces." Lololol people feel our pain. However at least we know she'll discuss Violet tomorrow (???) And maybe just casually drop the new release date, just like she did the Sep 5th date. Even if she lies again, I have no more heart to break, so let's do it.
  24. So a theory. I saw that heart and song Twitter post, maybe I didnt go far back enough cus i didn't see much discussion HOWEVER. 1. The song could just be a message as its core theme and lyrics are that you can't please everyone. BUTTT 2. The song could be her cover as it is totally her aesthetic and Rick Nelson passed away in an airplane accident on his personal plane, i believe only the pilots survived-for those who listed to Sportcruiser on Violet, know that Lana made a hiccup during her flight lessons that was quite scary in the moment,This could be a small wink to that. Or maybe I'm just crazy (if this was discussed I am SO sorry)
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