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  1. Wonder if this is first snippet we got of the song is a different version? Or do we think it was just a fanmade edit? Sounds like a different/better vocal take
  2. On my knees praying for some Danny L Harle prod and features from Shygirl and Bree Runway can you imagine wowww
  3. https://twitter.com/davidramitdown/status/1653830726209380355?s=46&t=4U05d6HWcTL9DR8k0N4yUA
  4. There’s already 30 posts on that Instagram very curious what they might be
  5. Was from the show she was at with AG the other week
  6. Get In To It (Yeah) https://on.soundcloud.com/yrX977YsJvKHyhtQ9
  7. Next era giving pink bratty y2k vibes electro pop CONFIRMED
  8. I have a feeling it’s going to be Hot Girl/Visions/HCINKWINRN vibes almost like how I’m feeling now and Crash mixed together
  9. Hereeee You For Me (Crash Version)
  10. I did Will share tomorrow
  11. Float them over this way pretty please
  12. Closer remains one of my most anticipated leaks the snippet is just soooooooo good Mega
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