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  1. I made a cute lil mix of Teenage Kicks - thought I’d share https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/imZwESaMnMvVsC8N6
  2. Made a Teenage Kicks acapella if anyone wants to make a cute remix/edit of the song https://dbree.org/v/d59a4e
  3. Anyone else love Teenage Kicks but can’t stand that 2013 dubstep drop in the chorus? Who can make a cute remix if I can get a clean acapella
  4. Anyone got any cute Hell Yeah Baby edits? The song has good potential but there's just something missing
  5. I still have a feeling this was either charli or someone on her team - getting out a backlog of old leaks to shut us all up from asking for them and so we’d just focus on music she makes going forward
  6. Whatever happened with The Party’s Never Over? That first original little snippet sounded so good but was it ever a legit song or just a fan made thing of the slower version of TPNO and Ice Cakes? Do we know anything else??
  7. Wow I’d love to have all those stems to play around with the songs
  8. @1000Times do anymore versions of Come To My Party exist queen?
  9. What’s “what you gonna do now”?
  10. The more XCX World art the better
  11. I made a little edit of the song and added a chorus Here
  12. Imagine a @LMAlejandro remake of The Party’s Never Over Wig
  13. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/ZsnAXYnU3sxU8jFC9 So just to confirm this snippet is fake?
  14. This artwork is SO GOOD always loved this photoshoot - Do you have anymore charli artwork you can share with us?
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