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  1. https://dbree.org/v/ea7ca0 Charli's Radio 1 show from yesterday if anyone wants / is outside of the UK
  2. here is the party girl boiler room album (ripped by me) all tracks are ID'd (currently unreleased tracks are just down as ID in the format of actual boiler room releases). Album art also in the style of BR releases Tracks ripped from the YouTube upload (highest q possible) video
  3. biggest she has headlined was ally pally in ldn which Is 10,000 and that took a while to sell, I just think Charli is still a little niche you know plus I'm greedy and love the smaller shows they just go a lot harder hehe
  4. arenas??? what you on Charles wouldn't be able to sell out arenas (no shade)
  5. really was hoping the usb tracks would be in lossless.. anyway...
  6. she was in there for just over an hour so I'm guessing an interview of some kind, there was no change of clothes from her entering / leaving so don't think it was a performance
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdZRDY3AT74
  8. THIS and also the current Lana one takes ages to load causing the page to freeze sometimes -_-
  9. no no, but boys and I love it NEED to go
  10. gods can we have some more stems leek pls
  11. guys this might be stupid q but how tf do you bookmark lanaboards pages in safari?? every time I do it just takes me back to the begininging of a thread and not the page number I bookmarked... going mad
  12. I reckon lead single will be released 9th or 16th of feb hmm
  13. i think tour starting september time with uk dates in october
  14. obsessed with her vocals here - i think one of her best vocal performances
  15. honestly any crash era stems will make me c*m (hkinkwinrn if youre really wanting to hit the spot tho)
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