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  1. MezcalPapi

    Charli XCX

    Do we have any live recordings at least in semi-HQ? I haven’t been online and missed omg
  2. MezcalPapi

    Kim Petras

    I'm no prude and I loved Kim era 1, but this in your face sexual shit she's been releasing is so unpalatable. It reminds me of the Spencer's store @ the mall -- but make it music. It's funny for five minutes, but what else do you have? xxx is the only decent track from this puta vibe of hers. idk, it's okay to be flirty and imply/allude to being a ho, but it's so off-putting when it's so direct. No hate to Kim and more power to her if she's having a blast making this, but this is not for me.
  3. MezcalPapi

    Charli XCX

    wtf is spring breakers? is it a charli song? i leave for like a day and new shit pops up lmao. also weirdly i went to the world premiere of that movie in austin way back.
  4. MezcalPapi

    Kim Petras

    xxx was trending on tiktok so it makes sense to release the follow-up rn. IA with you. The overt sex/drug image is a bit much for me.
  5. MezcalPapi

    Taylor Swift

    I feel these vault songs existed as worktapes/rough demos/maybe even demos and got polished both lyrically and production-wise to make the record. You can definitely tell some of these were scraps/concepts, lol. The Harry Styles one in particular sounds like a concept. tbh, I like the songs, but they were clearly produced alongside 'Mastermind' -- well most of Midnights. As someone above mentioned, Jack did not do a good job replicating that 2014 sound. I did enjoy Slut! and I think it's cute she's adding these songs to the re-records as a perk for her fans. Many people bitch, sure, but don't buy them or stream the old ones. I doubt she cares. I enjoy the re-records because I tend to listen to her deep cuts, which she has weirdly improved w the re-records.
  6. MezcalPapi

    Taylor Swift

    Style sounds good, not great. I liked the cleaner production, although the OG is pop perfection along with Blank Space. The vault tracks sound weirdly Midnights-esque almost like Bejeweled b-sides. I think they were recorded around the same time.
  7. MezcalPapi

    Charli XCX

    straight passing? when?
  8. MezcalPapi


    A Yeule collab. I'd love SOPHIE feat. Yaeji, Hudson Mohawke, or 100 Gecs. I wonder if she would have experimented w poppier, more mainstream friendly artists. She did work with HAIM after all. OT but I miss her so, so much sometimes. Her death has hurt like few others. Her sound feels like home in music form to me in an abstract way. She was such a trailblazer and ugh, I'm tearing up right now just writing this. </3
  9. MezcalPapi


    I feel so bad for her re: leaking. It's such an invasion of privacy and the leakers never consider the artistry behind the music. Not only that but I'd question myself as to what else these people have access to; having no sense of privacy would make me extremely paranoid, so props to her for maintaining her composure. I'd feel so invaded if people went through my emails, calls, photos, music, etc. Like, stop. It's fun to share demos and alt cuts from scrapped/released projects between us fans, but it's a whole diff vibe to leak someone's record. Plus, you can tell she puts her heart into her projects. She makes the best with the budgets she has (in a complimentary way, not shady) and gives us visuals and sounds that are fucking fun. IDK but her songs getting leaked almost seems weirdly targeted/evil/misogynistic. I say this because her leaks are usually shared in such a toxic 'haha fuck her she's a flop' kinda way. And like?!?!?! IDGI?!?!? She's out here traveling the world whilst sharing her projects with people who like her. That's badass, no? That's what art and music is all about!?!? How is that a flop? You don't need to be breaking records with your music to be successful. This went on for quite long. I should buy her record.
  10. MezcalPapi

    Taylor Swift

    I got the Green and the Yellow vinyl. I was thinking of getting the Pink one. I'm a Swiftie but my partner's little brother lovessss Taylor and I was thinking of gifting him all the vinyl since he's in Mexico and I think they're not being sold there...? I overheard him on the phone talking nice about me to my bf so I thought it'd be cute.
  11. MezcalPapi

    Charli XCX

    I <3 Charli but her occasional childish, cunty attitude is nagl. We don't know the full story, of course, but her tweet is really immature. We're the same age and I can't imagine tweeting some shit like that towards a close friend/frequent collaborator.
  12. Girl, most, if not all, are good. Start w the Rick Nowels ones. Some are higher quality versions of already leaked songs (from what I saw). For ex, the OPN prod tracks. ot but I wish someone could categorize by era because I dunno. </3
  13. MezcalPapi


    she came for blood. even my bf was shook. erotic electronic did that. captivate the gays then end them iktr ms slayyyter
  14. this thread gets more unhinged as days go by like which one of yall paid for that? i know it was one of y'all
  15. MezcalPapi

    Addison Rae

    oh shes coming to kill us. she rly took her time to perfect her bops. we still need an arca collab. does anyone have a link to the masterpost btw
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