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  1. having a new female tour manager could change a lot, so let's see how this influences her upcoming shows (for the good )
  2. A good place to start is with her videos on youtube, so especially with the released singles. And depending on which video/aesthetics you like best, you can then choose which album you want to listen to in full first.
  3. Perfect work by Anna! And Lana looks so sweet when she's doing her hair.
  4. maybe she's just a John Denver hater, who knows? but not of country at all, so it's best to just let the grass grow over the matter.
  5. It looks like Courtney had a deeper connection to Lana's music - up until Take Me Home. But I think we could get her back if Lana covers a Dolly Parton song or collabs with her, because Dolly seems to have influenced her too.
  6. first time I've heard the censored version of A&W this is the experience of an American ***** she says a lot of important things about Lana, does anyone have a transcript?
  7. I would like to know what Jack D. thinks about all this?
  8. Maybe that's the point, she feels too much influenced but wants to sound different than Taylor, Lana and all the others. She may be right about one thing, namely that many artists copy and imitate each other, but that has actually always been the case. Perhaps she is afraid of becoming too much like the others and tries to set herself apart in this drastic way.
  9. what if they debut a song from Taylor's upcoming album?
  10. maybe she didn't want to overshadow Lana's show with her appearance, or she was a day too late for some reason...
  11. I don't take her words seriously, because I think this woman is very unstable
  12. Her opinion change is very extreme, I don't think she really means it. Maybe she should take a break herself.
  13. I wonder if she'll repeat her collab with Billie, because the element of surprise is now gone. Taylor was spotted at the festival, so it wouldn't be impossible for her to sing a duet with Lana.
  14. It's her show, she can perform any songs she likes. Fans should finally accept her choices and not constantly question it. I think it's still a good mix of songs that her fans like and songs that she's passionate about.
  15. watched it a second time and it's even better in nighttime my impression now is that tunnel was one of the highlights, followed by candy necklace. the ballads fit better than any upbeat song, because of the late performance time and the dark mood of the set
  16. and it was a microphone test Hello-hello, can-can you hear me?
  17. for real, the woman doesn't look much like lana, more like nikki but I would like this kind of picture as album cover
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