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  1. This thread shows how boring most of you really are. Like imagine someone circulating something about you like that! I would do the same exact thing
  2. mansongirl


    This right here... she literally didn't have a bad song up until TP
  3. That's subjective she's sensitive and not good with criticism. Honestly we should be grateful that Lana is pretty much the only entertaining celebrity these days. SHe reminds me of Nicki, addressing rumours where they are.
  4. Formerly known as Nadeishiiko, she is one of my favorite artists on SoundCloud! She used to make more pop stuff but she does rock now! Listen to her latest album below If you're not into rock check this song out!
  5. mansongirl

    Azealia Banks

    Okay then lock the thread I guess
  6. @Audition what new stuff is there? Also Actress is my favorite song off of that album, I love the demo so much!
  7. The irony of this is your user is Doja Cat of all people!
  8. mansongirl

    That Kid

    Y'all go ahead and stream his new single "Cobra". I love his song Taco Bell so much <3 He has a new EP called "Comedown" coming out TOMORROW!
  9. Can we talk about how she should've put Cherry Blossom Take TWO and put the first one............
  11. mansongirl

    Charli XCX

    Have any XCX World stems leaked?
  12. Tonight is truly the real pop version of Born To Die
  13. Someone CLEARLY hasn't streamed Serial Killer! Go do it before you end up bitter like user @Doja Cat !
  14. mansongirl


    What a boring song, leak the other MK songs please
  15. As someone who has been doxxed numerous times I can confirm this isn't "doxxing". Good for Lana! Period.
  16. mansongirl

    Heidi Montag

    The way there ISN'T a thread for her already? Stream Superficial... https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lRKNsP_FymrjtkW8odKvKSuQQJcCWg1Xw
  17. mansongirl


    Troubled Paradise is such a snoozefest. It has a few cute songs but nothing will ever top Slayyyter. You got BFF, Mine, Celebrity, Tattoo, Touch My Body, Ghost rework.. nothing on TP compares I hope the real BFF demo leaks one day
  18. Stream her recently released album Hollywood Glam! Also her new song Serial Killer!
  19. Hoping this thread I'm making for one of my favorite musicians goes better than the last one... Does anyone here like The Millionaires? They were a MySpace duo back in the late 2000s early 10s... they released their "Tonight" album in 2013 and I love it!! You can stream it here https://www.papermag.com/millionaires-kesha-myspace-2634994820.html - "Millionaires Walked So Kesha Could Run".. ugh too true!!
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