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  1. cj1995

    Bonnie McKee

    That gave me chills. BONNIE YES.
  2. cj1995

    Taylor Swift

    I would actually love this!
  3. I had this song on repeat before bed and had the best dreams.
  4. cj1995

    Taylor Swift

    Right? Red TV had State Of Grace acoustic so I was expecting the same for Back To December & Haunted.
  5. cj1995


    I guess my only complaint about the album is it's too short for me! Everytime I sit and listen to the album beginning to end, I still want more. I'm so curious about The Grey.
  6. cj1995


    Let us know if it does! That would be so cool and sneaky of her if she did that lol
  7. cj1995

    Taylor Swift

    Oh my... Already?!? Damn
  8. cj1995

    Taylor Swift

    wait, which era is Drama Queen from? I kinda wanted it on the tracklist.
  9. cj1995

    Kim Petras

    Well, I had no idea she was working with Dr. Luke... I'm personally not going to listen to this album... Or anything she releases... Alexa play Gag Order by Kesha ❤️
  10. cj1995

    Avril Lavigne

    I need Dancing With A Hurricane so bad. It's an interesting title, I wonder what it's about... Hurricane season is here in Florida so it would be amazing to hear it soon
  11. Text Book - Lana Del Rey (side note: can anyone tell me how to post youtube videos on here? I try the link button but it doesn't show the video)
  12. I feel so fulfilled that we have this song now. & this version has grown on me a lot. As for more unreleased songs to be released, I'd love to see Dragonslayer get an official release someday. Also the sped up version is pointless. I really don't understand this trend
  13. Fishtail has grown on me extremely. I'd say my previous favorites have been replaced by Fishtail. The eerie vibe, her vocals, the instrumental. When the first beat drops. I'm in love. How did I not hear the magnificence on the first listen? ...you wanted me sadder.
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