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  1. cj1995

    Kim Petras

    Which song was this? The link is dead
  2. cj1995

    Kim Petras

    Sorry to be annoying but I've been searching for Lolita everywhere and can't find it, can anyone help? Also I'm super excited for Slut Pop Miami! Only a few more days!!
  3. cj1995

    Kim Petras

    Does anyone have a kraken link?
  4. cj1995

    Kim Petras

    I hope she sings the chorus for the official release of the David Guetta collab.
  5. cj1995

    Kim Petras

    I want to hear Dashboard HQ already at least.
  6. cj1995

    Kim Petras

    We need the rest of Candy already!
  7. cj1995

    Bonnie McKee

    Both of the artworks for the singles are album cover worthy imo, so iconic.
  8. cj1995

    Bonnie McKee

    Hot City out this Friday!
  9. cj1995

    Bridgit Mendler

    Oh, I hope Twisted leaks!
  10. cj1995

    Bebe Rexha

    One In A Million is being released on August 4th !
  11. cj1995

    Kim Petras

    There's a HQ snippet of Dashboard. Hopefully we have it soon.
  12. cj1995

    Kim Petras

    All Night Long is the song with the weird audio on it. Always Too Late sounds kinda like Kim to me. Edit: just Googled Always Too Late and it's that artist you mentioned. My bad
  13. cj1995

    Kim Petras

    Are the two new leaks Always Too Late and All Night Long legit?
  14. cj1995

    Britney Spears

    I want to like it so bad... But my god... It's just bad. & then will.i.am starts breathing heavy.
  15. cj1995

    Bonnie McKee

    Do we know when the album is coming?
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