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    Journalism, food, inventions, art, James Franco, and comedy.
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    Tumblr has bots that crazily ban people.
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    Twitter crazily bans people.
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    Skype is owned by Microsoft that supports American war crimes.
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    Instagram has poor customer support service.

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  1. LanaDelPray

    Melanie Martinez

    I got beef with Twitter and Instagram. This place is better than Twitter and Instagram from my experience. You have limited characters to type on Twitter. Nonexistent customer support service happens on Instagram. But on here, you can type more and there's a "Contact Us" page. Feel like I can have better discussions on here about Melanie Martinez.
  2. LanaDelPray

    Melanie Martinez

    Melanie's snippets on YouTube got me laughing.
  3. Was half-expecting lots of spamming and shocking content in this thread.
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