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22 hours ago, Apollo Rxse said:

Brooke went live on Instagram last night and played a bunch of the songs that are gonna be on her new album. The biggest gag is that she revealed that she's releasing a two part album, because she recorded so many songs over the past three years! She also announced the album is called Candyland (part 1 and 2), however she didn't clarify if all the music is dropping all at once or whether she'll wait a bit before dropping part 2. Lastly, here are the names the song titles I can remember from her live:


Coke in Miami

Block (Scrapped Charli XCX song) 


ATM (Ass Titties Money)

Alien Sex



Big Clit Energy

Giddy Up

Das Still Me 

Candy's Back

Glamorous (Scrapped Slayyyter Starfucker Demo)

Eat, Slay, Love feat. Heidi Montag

Dirty Money

Dirty Little Freak


Porn Star



damn....I missed it all...no chance that someone recorded everything?? :lange: and yeah Block is cute I love it




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Ever since Flip Phone is no longer part of this album I'm not holding my breath tbh

I'm curious about it but I just hope it's not a Sexorcism part 2. Titles like P*rn Star, Vibr*tor, Alien Sex, ATM (*ss T*ts Money), Big Cl*t Energy and C*ke in Miami already feel exactly like Sexorcism II, although I want to hear Das Still Me (:shock2:), Naked, Giddy Up, Respectfully and Blackout. Safe Word was interesting but ephemeral. I wonder when is the album due.

"I'm wild, I'm free, no man can handle me"


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Safe Word was really promising, like back to the Rubber-band roots. Idk wtf this new song is - the only thing I feel is nice is the short pre-chorus, which sounds most listenable of the entire track. The cover is also wtf.

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