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Kim Petras

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i have a question guys: which tracklist/album title/album cover do y'all use for era one? it kinda triggers me that we never had an official release (like a greatest hits compilation or smth) i mean... these songs are way too good to not belong to an album lol 


i still use this one, it flows well and has a "narrative"


I have redone the tracklist order from my Era1 album and now it looks like this



2. Can't Do Better

3. Homework (feat. lil aaron)

4. Heart To Break

5. Slow It Down

6. All The Time

7. Faded (feat. lil aaron)

8. Hills

9. Hillside Boys


11. 1, 2, 3 dayz up (feat. SOPHIE)


also i called the album 'Neon'


and i use this cover too


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Didn’t Kim say that she wasn’t done with Era 1? It seemed as if she was going to release an actual tracklist and release more


yeah a few months ago she said that something was coming (a vinyl and CD i think) and i think she said she was going to release some bonus tracks also but i don't think it is finally happening


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I have my era one organized as :


HEART OF MINE (I thought she originally had this title chosen back when era 1 was actually going to be an LP)


01. Hillside Boys

02. I Don’t Want It At All

03. 123 Dayz Up (feat. SOPHIE)

04. Heart Of Mine

05. Faded (feat. Lil Aaron)

06. All The Time

07. Hills (feat. Baby E)

08. Slow It Down

09. Dark Part Of Your Heart

10. Heart To Break

11. Homework (feat. Lil Aaron)

12. Cant Do Better

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