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  1. She’s more active on her honeymoon account than she ever was on her normal one
  2. defo having work done on her face, which is totally her choice and zero judgement on that, I just don’t think she needs it. also it’s bugging me she’s a tiiiiny girl and they keep putting even smaller dancers behind her, shove that corset on her to make her boobs look bigger and the result makes her look a lot larger than she is, whoever’s styling her lately needs a new job
  3. OverYourHead

    Song vs. Song

    Old Money vs Sad Girl
  4. OverYourHead

    Charli XCX

    This era started with New Shapes for me, Good Ones never grew on me I really don’t like it
  5. She looks…different? Her face? Like ??? Also that orange corset is not it
  6. Wow I haven’t heard Bonnie McKee’s name in YEARS, she’s still going?
  7. OverYourHead

    Song vs. Song

    Off To The Races vs Bartender
  8. Ever since I fell out of love with you, I fell back in love with me And boy, does it feel sweet, like a summer breeze Ever since I fell out of love with you, I fell back in love with the city Like the Paramount sign sparkling, sparkling just for me vs I can be your China doll, if you wanna see me fall Boy, you're so dope, your love is deadly Tell me life is beautiful They all think I have it all
  9. Kill Kill - 19 Born To Die - 15 Ultraviolence - 19 Honeymoon - 18 -1 Lust For Life - 9 Norman Fucking Rockwell - 18 Chemtrails Over The Country Club - 19 Blue Banisters - 18 +1
  10. OverYourHead

    Song vs. Song

    Salvatore vs Bartender
  11. OverYourHead

    Charli XCX

    hifn is good for what it was, a quarantine album, but it is full of filler (detonate says hi) and doesn’t stand nearly as tall as the likes of pop 2, it’s cute some of y’all think it outshines n1a or even charli
  12. OverYourHead

    Song vs. Song

    Terrence Loves You vs Blackest Day
  13. She’s awful lmao it’s worse when her fans defend her terrible voice by saying she gets stage fright or she’s nervous
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