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  1. malifruit

    JoJo Siwa

    I'm kind of on the opposite end in that I feel like I have and I'm glad there's more! I don't follow JoJo and was pleasantly surprised by how overtly lesbian the whole video was. The majority of hate I've seen has been overtly homophobic-- whether saying she's using her gayness for clout (makes me think of that post about using transness as a shield that goes "oh awesome look at me using my shield that automatically attracts every bullet within a 100 mile radius"), insulting her for humping a woman in a music video (deeply normal and expected in straight videos), etc. I'm honestly shocked; clearly none of these people have ever seen a Hayley Kiyoko or Janelle Monae video if they think this level of sexuality is somehow unique and bad. And, like you said, it's a really cookie-cutter 2010s pop star song. I'd argue it's even a cookie-cutter "I'm a child star trying to break out of my image" song. I'm not surprised it turned out to be a Miley song! I honestly thought it reminded me of some early Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato. It's certainly no more cringe than some of the stuff Katy Perry did on Prism, which I have been relentlessly stanning. If people hate the song (or her), go ahead and hate the song (or her!), but don't make up things that aren't true about how uniquely bad it is. That's just my two cents! ...As for me, I have it on loop.
  2. malifruit

    Kim Petras

    I know it's too early but what do we think the next era will be like? I'm really feeling the Drug From God, Time for a Crime, Girl Of My Dreams vibe with these more toned-down tracks... I feel like she could really pull off a mature, darker-themed album, kind of like a grown-up version of the Feed the Beast aesthetic. Something like slightly less campy Elvira?? Like if Kesha did Turn Off The Light. I'm honestly surprised how much I like these tracks given that usually my favorites of Kim's are the really uptempo ones, but we know Kim rocks a ballad, too.
  3. malifruit

    Kim Petras

    Circumstances are terrible
  4. malifruit

    Kim Petras

    Someone made a full AI version and honestly given the circumstances it eats... But these aren't great circumstances https://pillowcase.zip/f/3de0e12c0af7031394375954a6ce31c9
  5. malifruit

    Britney Spears

    Just stayed up all night to finish the book. So sweet and so easy to read in her voice. And she said she’s “struggling” with the question of touring again—that she’s been making music and enjoying it but she doesn’t know about touring, which makes perfect sense… but it’s not a no, either. I was honestly surprised to hear she’d even consider it, and grateful, and also worried I’m not going to have the billion dollars required to see her if it does ever happen. Really glad the book is out.
  6. malifruit

    Kim Petras

    Have we all heard about the k-files snippet leak of a song allegedly called Time for a Crime and recorded in 2023 (unknown whether for FTB or not)? I desperately want more... Kim's low register
  7. malifruit

    Kim Petras

    OK literally this is so good! It fits more with Roller Girl and Try Again than tracks like King of Hearts or uhoh... The chorus really gives me Britney vibes <3
  8. malifruit

    Kim Petras

    FINALLY a version of BAIT that has both the original uncensored lyrics and the extended breakdown!!
  9. malifruit


    I'm new around here but I just wanted to compliment how effortlessly Slayyyter evokes a ~2010s Britney sound in songs like Alone and now Tear Me Open. The breathiness, the use of head voice, the themes, even the instrumentals really feel like if hyperpop was happening back when Britney made Circus. I think Brit songs like Blur are the easiest to compare them to, but generally even for just a casual Britney fan the influence is undeniable and the success at emulating that style is incredibly impressive. I've never heard an artist say they're inspired by Britney and then go on to actually sound so much like her.
  10. malifruit

    Kim Petras

    I found a set on the d-site of all of them (just by searching Kim Petras Symphonic I think) but I can't guarantee they're any better than YT quality/YTrips... They're a super cute cover though so that's what I use! I absolutely can't believe she hasn't released the Symphonic Sessions as an EP at least; hoping it's just to save them for the Deluxe...
  11. malifruit

    Kim Petras

    Tour news! At least two shows have been rescheduled: Phoenix from 11/2 to 11/21, and San Diego from 11/22 to 11/5. Praying she doesn't cancel/reschedule mine because I took the day/s off work At least two venues now have special "buy 3 get 1 free deals: YouTube Theater and Coca-Cola Roxy. Kim posted this to Insta: & tour starts officially in THREE DAYS (Sept. 27) in Austin!! So excited to see her perform. Still haven't made my dream setlist because I don't want to expect anything and be disappointed... I know I'll be happy no matter what she plays
  12. malifruit

    Kim Petras

    I just want you to know that I have ALWAYS used EXCLUSIVELY your cover and that it is by far the best one ever made. I love how well it fits the bubblegum-pop vibe, the playfulness, the overexaggerated Euro themes... Thanks so much for sharing!! Not you accidentally solving the tracklist issue I've been having all week...
  13. malifruit

    Kim Petras

    YES!! I can ONLY end Problematique with Left My Body, personally. I put Your Time To Cry after as a bonus track because I do think it does nicely that way (every time I listen to it lately I think about how we could have had YTTC instead of Alone as her retro-bop-reimagined song, but let's not talk about that). You're in good company & Kim is BACK ON TWITTER with a default icon and a bunch of posts of the shirts!! Shirts: And MORE (FULL?) STEVEN KLEIN CAR SHOOT! And her name is STILL trending on Twitter, as it has been since... what, evening of 9/18? She IS the conversation.
  14. malifruit

    Kim Petras

    OK NEWS! Kim got suspended from Twitter (probably for the tits thing) & new merch dropped! Literally gagging at the shirts and their descriptions like I need real photos.
  15. malifruit

    Kim Petras

    OK but when are we going to talk about how she says "mansions" like mehzhuness in Confession. I can NEVER hear "mansions" in the main vocals and I don't understand how I'm supposed to! Help?? What I heard from the uploader was that it was the highest quality available file but (like AtomicMess said) is just an early demo looping the verses. People were asking so we could at least listen to the track in HQ somehow
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