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  1. i really cant wrap my head around how greedy/ridiculous most people are on this forum -- its absurd i have spent the last week still in AWE of the fact we have the 24 hour album, most of the 2018 tracks AND even rarities like Believe, yet some of you have the nerve to endlessly beg for more and more and more and will never be satisfied until we have the HQ version of every random, obscure track that Charli has ever recorded in her life Give up the quest to be a "completionist" because it only takes away from the enjoyment of what we DO have -- not obsession on that one elusive track that tbh probably doesn't even exist (Hi Daddy Knows)
  2. rare is one of the worst songs released in 2020 and prob one of the most bland songs ever created ill never understand why ppl so desperately want the charli version when its such an enormous dud
  3. omg this might be a HUGE ask but can u share all ur original charli covers -- i literally just made an account to ask this lol my itunes will look beautiful with these omg
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