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  1. funny how songs that we know exist in HQ like somber and keep it haven’t leaked but nearly every other demo has in HQ 😭
  2. remembering that kim was supposed to perform keep it at coachella…… the things we could’ve had in an ideal universe
  3. cyanide kisses


    STARFUCKER ranking: 1. Girl Like Me 2. Memories Of You 3. Rhinestone Heart 4. Dramatic 5. My Body 6. Miss Belladonna 7. Plastic 8. Tear Me Open 9. Erotic Electronic 10. I Love Hollywood! 11. Out Of Time 12. Purrr there isn't a bad song though, this ranking is solely based on replayability and how likely i'd replay the songs
  4. cyanide kisses


    on my first listen of the final mixes - my body and memories of you don’t sound as massive as they used to… i don’t know how to feel about that rhinestone heart sounds fucking AMAZING. all of you who had shit to say about it will finally realise its brilliance bc this final mix really does it justice girl like me stands as my fav, that song is pure pop perfection and the new outro is EVERYTHING and more. can’t believe we nearly lost this song to tommy/make up
  5. if that tracklist is true… @kimpetras it’s time to give up the dumb bitch persona you’ve been going for and GIVE US KEEP IT!!!! but also thanks for problematique xx
  6. would be funny if she did uhoh next BUT i do hope she does claws
  7. whoever has keep it… leak it please it’s been 2 years
  8. cyanide kisses

    Addison Rae

    i know she just released AR but i can't help but wonder what's next for her... AR is pop perfection all over (save for ICBU.. should've been replaced with lucky or UHIC) but i hope her actual debut album will bring about IGIB-levels of pop madness. that song is so good
  9. cyanide kisses


    i LOVE happy forever and heartbeat away don’t get me wrong!!! especially happy forever. however i feel like they belong to a whole other sonic world as compared to the sleek maximalism of the existing starfucker tracks and would definitely work as their own EP (like starfucker extended similar to an inferno euphoria thing) i know they were made during the same sessions but compared to other tracks like tommy, operator or make up they are very clearly from a different sonic and lyrical headspace and would’ve made starfucker less cohesive as these are shiny synthwave-type songs and starfucker is shaping up to be a gritty dark sleazy record my tracklist for the extended EP, however, would be 1. psycho lover 2. heartbeat away 3. valentine 4. my replacement 5. happy forever and i’d add tommy and make up to starfucker just to flesh it out further.
  10. cyanide kisses


    let’s agree to disagree — to me memories of you is the perfect blend of the starfucker we’re getting and the scraps in the sense that the lyrics sound like something that would’ve gelled well with the lyrical content of happy forever or heartbeat away with the production quality/sonic identity of the starfucker album we’ll be getting. i think it’s pure 2010s edm bliss meets eurodance but modernised. rhinestone heart is a cute little pop gem that could be kinda her mainstream pop pandering moment but it’s a cute pop confection either way and i love how it has such a dramatic sounding chorus that helms the track down as its centerpiece. it’s kinda giving ava max but less cheesy and i appreciate the remaining cheese that it has because it pulls it off with the attitude that most other ava songs lack i don’t think happy forever, heartbeat away or psycho lover would’ve fit on starfucker as well as these 2 songs currently do — they just don’t have that effortless feeling of glamour and drama that memories of you and rhinestone heart have.
  11. cyanide kisses


    the memories of you and rhinestone heart slander is CRAZY... memories of you is such a great example of how to do euro-influenced dance music right and rhinestone heart is a cute little pop confection. the textures on both are amazing sonically
  12. praying rewind your heart makes it onto this album
  13. cyanide kisses


    if the unmixed starfucker album tracks are the final productions, i must say that the one letdown for me is bc that was truly one of the best parts of the demo...
  14. cyanide kisses


    people need to stop mentioning ayesha in cathy’s lives… she’s active now and has mentioned multiple times that she will be taking her return at her own pace and it pisses me off to see “is ayesha on your album?” comments when the credits for all the songs are readily available on itunes.
  15. cyanide kisses


    omg this sounds amazing thank u so much!! doing gods work 🙏🙏
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