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  1. if there's anyone out there that has never done something that they wish they could take back, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me!!
  2. they might be right about some things - like the hawaiian tropic lyric. lowinthemind, in a past tinychat, told people that the lyric isn't "hawaiian tropic & a bottle of jack, riding around in the cadillac" - but a variation of that lyric. according to low, anyone who uses that lyric automatically shows they don't have the song. EDIT: the jfk snippet is back: http://tired-of-singing-the-blues.tumblr.com/post/54036969750/jfk-snippet-that-has-been-posted-on-soundcloud-a
  3. I personally apologize to Moy for anything I said. He didn't trade nudes for songs, it was a rumor. And if anybody else was offended, I apologize sincerely. And don't even waste your time on the password, the file isn't MDG - it's a dance routine from the TV show "Dance Moms", the password was lanasneedle. I seriously need to find more productive things to do when I'm bored. (and I really hope none of you actually went into the anal fisting tag - someone told me it was in there, but I wasn't planning on looking).
  4. my crappy review of Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring (i never really write in-depth reviews so I hope you guys, if interested, can manage sifting through this mess lol) spoilers btw! My Rating: A+
  5. some other movie news: the spectacular now trailer is out! a24 is rockin it this year - i am very excited for this and some other news regarding the bling ring - in honor of the film's release, E! is playing some episodes from pretty wild tomorrow from 1pm to 3pm. the episodes include: the arrest, the hearing, and so it is, and the iconic vanity unfair episode
  6. happy birthday to the greatest actress of our time, Nicole Mary Kidman! she's 46 as of today! she continues to be the most versatile and talented actress in hollywood today, here are some of my fav moments of hers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ldlzi5LOlRI let's be real, all of her movies are my fav moments happy birthday nicole!! (also, fun sidenote: today is also alexis neiers' bday!! i knew there was some spiritual connection between her and suzanne stone.)
  7. spring breaker's star ashley benson tweeted about lana
  8. it's things like what you quoted that gave me a reason to stop reading her interviews & stuff in general a while ago. idk why i even decided to read this interview but it annoyed me, i just couldn't find the good in it. she seemed very negative and condescending toward a lot of things - especially america... will try and always remember her as the girl who sings a-m-e-r-i-c-a all i wanna do is play
  9. ricky nelson - teenage idol love it
  10. also, this month lifetime is really on top with 2 TV movies: their retelling of the story of an american icon, anna nicole smith: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfK-FYtr5Ac and their look into the doomed relationship of jodi arias and travis alexander: the anna nicole movie premieres on lifetime on saturday, june 29th, and the jodi arias story premieres on june 22nd - this saturday. discuss what you guys think, i'm very excited for both (tbh i will watch any lifetime movie. still remember that amanda knox one with hayden panettiere lol)
  11. @@lauradelxx since you like there will be blood check out the movie "boogie nights" - same director, it's great. @@SunsetTwist that IRL trailer was really interesting, i kept seeing tweets about it but had no idea what grant singer was talking about lmao (too lazy to google!!). love sky, so i'm definitely watching it. sigh, trying so hard to make this thread live <3 also, thoughts?
  12. Matt

    This or That

    elvis obviously born to die or a.k.a.
  13. some news, anyone going to check out "the bling ring" in theaters - the trailer for "the spectacular now" is attached, according to people on twitter! a24 rocking it also, "the canyons" was accepted into venice film festival! can't wait for the response also, relating to zoe's post - anyone else here see "the purge"? - I want to hear some more thoughts on the film!
  14. http://leakinglana.tumblr.com/ http://kinda-outta-leaks.tumblr.com/ http://betty-boop-boop.tumblr.com/
  15. love it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVfjGM7wkQM
  16. wow @@SunsetTwist , so happy for you! sounds like an amazing experience & i'm really happy you enjoyed the film, i'm beyond pumped for it to come out! just made me 10x more excited tbh and here's the first official teaser trailer for "diana" - starring naomi watts
  17. omg at all these new clips praising sofia for those arrest clips, the clip of emma leaving the jail just gave me pretty wild + tmz flashbacks. so good!
  18. First DVD I bought: Marie Antoinette (2006) Last DVD I bought: Lost in Translation (2003), Somewhere (2010), To Die For (1995), Less Than Zero (1987) A full list:
  19. yesss u finally saw stoker!! i loved it so much. the ending (despite complaints from ppl that it was underwhelming) just got my stomach in knots. also nicole kidman is the greatest actress of our time - no doubt, and her monologue about children is just more proof of that fact tbh wanted to see evil dead but never got around to it! i love the '81 version. hopefully i can see before midnight & monsters university soon, too & new bling ring pics!! it's sad emma watson's mugshot isn't as gorgeous as alexis neiers also i spy a prayer circle!! if leslie mann doesn't say "and so it is" at least once, i'm done w this world.
  20. new clip of leslie mann teaching the girls based off the movie "the secret" off-topic: my english teacher on the second week of school devoted the entire week to teaching us based off this movie too, and she assigned some of her other students to make vision boards. she gives us lectures pretty much every morning 1st period a la andrea neiers
  21. stills from lovelace: and a new still from The Canyons:
  22. sigh - if this does happen, it sucks she probably won't use a version of body electric like the live ones before paradise - I could totally see lana dancing around a la baby jane in an old Hollywood mansion like Norma Desmond's, in b&w. gonna keep dreaming.
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