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  1. I'm actually hearing this now, but it doesn't really make sense...? no idea
  2. Definitely sounds like mend to me.
  3. He actually had "Ultraviolet EP" out before Ultraviolence was released I believe.
  4. How would that even make sense in the slightest? I don't hear this at all.
  5. L.A. makes more sense because that's just a place she always sings about. She's always dreaming of L.A. And this also would tie it moreso to Hollywood because that has a verse about swimming in L.A. Makes sense to me. Not to mention I don't hear the hard "k" sound at all.
  6. Anyone else hear L.A.?
  7. I'm pretty positive it's "like the winter we're not in," but what I'm not sure about is the line before. It could be "white lines, pretty daddy, goes "kid,..." Or "white lines, pretty daddy, go ski it..." I'm thinking the latter, because it fits in with the winter line, and skiing is a slang term for doing a line.
  8. Here's mine: No fanmades, no remixes. Quite a few of the covers were made by me.
  9. 320kbps


    Am I the only one that hears "It's my destiny and where my life begins" ?
  10. In Damn You, I thought the last chorus said "I pray you'll never sleep with a girl" or something along those lines.... and then it was 200x better when I found out the real lyric.
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