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  1. The things I would do to have an old vid of a 7-8 Lizzy Grant singing suddenly uncovered
  2. I should've positioned my camera a little higher because I felt her singing into my soul
  3. They did Diamonds and Rust as a duet and then Lana sat aside while Joan sang Dylan Lemme just say, while the outfit was a let down, it looks MUCH better in person
  4. The screencap I have of the email is too big to post but they said phones are okay, just no cameras. Also camping is prohibited.
  5. Line started early Friday morning, possibly Thursday night. Not everyone queued is VIP tho!
  6. . I had my tix printed and it doesn't say anything about phones. I'll email and see just to make sure!
  7. . . . Is there an email I missed? Sad bc I was planning barricade for this one
  8. So I know Ari Aster only has two movies but I already consider him a favorite director. Hereditary and now Midsommar >>>>>>>>
  9. I don't have any specific ideas, but I've seen these pics from Lorde's tour merch and I've always loved the style she's going for. Maybe Lana could do aesthetic shirts more specific to fan favorite songs, or something along the lines ? https://twitter.com/AlainK4/status/915101880241541121 https://twitter.com/famevogue/status/970371793658793984
  10. I forgot about this, and a new wave of sadness hit a second after when I realized Lana prob forgot too
  11. Hmm, Brite Lites was the first to come to mind But I kinda also want to say God Bless America
  12. These lyrics SING TO MY SOUL! As the only solo musician I stan, she makes me so proud
  13. The first listen had me thinking it's as if Cruel World was written during LfL era
  14. I should've bought this while I had the chance, it's sold out now
  15. My sister went to check the merch+bathroom at like, 7:20 ish while everyone was still on the floor and then I gave up our close spots so we would stay together because she couldn't push her way back in once it was standing
  16. She had Army of Me, Let Me Blow Ya Mind and Criminal play, like what kinda 1 2 3 punch
  17. One of the girls behind me said a dj is supposed to go on but we'll see :/
  18. Making myself relevant http://lanaboards.com/index.php?/blog/108/entry-478-lana-in-sf/ I really want front row but I'm probably gonna go for balcony :/
  19. I was lowkey hoping that it'd get released on my bday (but expected it on V day), looks like Dalai CAME THRU
  20. Um wasn't there supposed to be a "surprise"? I'd say my disappointment but its only to be expected in this fanbase lol. When she was asked about CatQ and said she was touring I thought that would be the segue into her announcement but no
  21. One of the girls is wearing my 1st tour date dress aka my FAVORITE dress and its giving me major pcd and general depression
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