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    is it another hidden song??
  2. a little bit extra but yeah they cute
  3. Masochism


    fucking yourself ok?...
  4. OMG what IS that??!?!!
  5. she also said she was releasing guardian in 2015 so...
  6. she really got hurt from the poor jokes skbdkdmdmsms
  7. warning points incoming
  8. Masochism

    i need someone to fix these lyrics for me https://genius.com/M-24-lyrics
  9. Masochism

    Charli XCX

    here to say that THIS slaps all the time https://soundcloud.com/djhimera/lock-it?in=mschsm/sets/got-the-key
  10. Masochism

    Charli XCX

    underrated masterpiece
  11. i get your point but wishing her to flop will not make her realize anything at all! she’s still gonna do whatever she wants to when the next era stars lol. i hope the album will sell good once it’s out and i want her to be happy with it. i’m sure we can wait a little bit longer, it’s definitely coming this year so... who cares if it’s another month or a few more? it will be out. yeah, the lack of news and the way she handles it all it’s annoying and disappointing but i’m sure we can forgive her.
  12. hi did you know that i can share my opinions on here just like you do too constantly??? i said what i said, keep scrolling if you don't agree and don't try to start useless drama with me. all i said was: relax cause the album will be released eventually and it will be good, there's no need to stress over it that much. bye.
  13. everytime i read this thread i get an headache lmao. stop being so obsessive with the album, it’s only 2 years apart from the last one. be grateful she doesn’t usually take 5 years to start new eras. the album will be good, it will come out soon. let it go, breathe, move on, just wait guys. AND.....wishing her to flop just cause she made you wait a bit? childish and most importantly TRAGIC
  14. so you basically just want old songs/scrapped songs/songs we already heard in some kind of way on the album AND no NEW songs? can't relate
  15. Masochism

    Billie Eilish

    8 is one of her best songs ever
  16. comparing an album leak to a murder........... im-
  17. yes, i agree. it feels like a new debut or something. with the name change she entered this new character and now she became a whole new persona and she's about to release her first album.
  18. rip. she died with the diamonds.
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