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  1. Just learned that Arkansas' capital is Little Rock yay
  2. We don't need her Teenage Dream that will inevitably lead to her Witness/Smile and Ocean Blvd outsold both of these flops. Consistency is key.
  3. What do you want them to say, we're still at least 1 year away from the album.
  4. Time for the first meltdown LDR10 will be her Midnights and it will be fully produced by Antonoff who will keep reusing Lorde beats and melodies from 2017
  5. The last pre-release thread was extremely toxic. Many active users who spent years on this forum just left due to the constant fights and negativity, something has to change with the new one.
  6. Lana Del Rey will sing to 177,000 people over 4 dates in Mexico, her biggest solo demand ever Absolutely crazy, Lana reached a new peak of success in 2023 and I'm still shocked
  7. Lana's hair on this tour is amazing, her stylist really stepped up big time
  8. For a reason, he doesn't know anything and always talk ****
  9. I'm not ready for another era where the only information we will be getting is from 2 attention seeking insiders
  10. The Independent 5/5 Far Out Magazine 5/5 Love seeing Lana getting acclaim for her live shows
  11. Even though Lana is often late to the shows I like that she actually makes an effort this time, she does her hair and picks fancy dresses. There were many shows in 2018-2019 where she wore the first thing that she saw and did makeup by herself (and we could tell).
  12. Her set is already short and she cut Venice Bitch out of all songs? Girl.
  13. Why she started singing it like it's SNL? Love when her 2012 voice makes a return for a few seconds
  14. I honestly don't understand what Diet Mountain Dew is doing on the setlist... It's a cute version, but Lana literally doesn't sing during it, it's her 2012 baby voice and background singers lol
  15. Our queen sold 60k tickets by herself, iconic I must say
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