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  1. The Glastonbury fans are ruthless, just look at what they're saying about Alex Turner on Twitter I'm scared
  2. Oh she's LOVING it
  3. I don't think so, her set is 15-20 minutes shorter this time so she will cut few songs
  4. Ohh Ultraviolence is so returning to the charts in September Pre-ordered!
  5. Weeks on Billboard 200 Born To Die — 487* Paradise — 55 Ultraviolence — 53 NFR! — 25 Lust For Life — 22 Honeymoon — 17 DYKTTATUOB — 11* COTCC, Blue Banisters — 5 The album has now outperformed Chemtrails & Blue Banisters combined.
  6. He hit me and it felt like a kiss yeahhh ooOOOoooh... Okay thanks everyone I'm leaving NOW!
  7. She's serving vocals that's all I care about Not again
  8. Not the opera voice from a random guy in the audience
  9. The Bartender is still going on when she has 40 minutes left and around 20 songs to perform
  10. Omg the interlude ended and she's still changing the outfit
  11. Maybe getting random tattoos with your brother an hour before performing at a festival isn't the best idea when you have to drive to the place, do your hair, makeup, check the mic/audio, and actually get ready for the show? Just my thoughts. <3
  12. This **** is 35 minutes late and then she will wonder why no one let her sing more songs lol
  13. The switchings already... But I thought it will free fall on Spotify because she released a "different" version of the song?
  14. Before this show, Lana's biggest gig was at Malahide Castle in Dublin for 22,000 people back in 2019. She literally tripled her previous record.
  15. I hope it sells out, Lana deserves the success. Update this thread in case it does.
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