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  1. Gustav


    so sad that most of the people dont even know her
  2. Gustav


    agreed! but im not sure if she will stick with something like flowers in the sky or tea-time cause they're very different
  3. Gustav


    So a little backstory, it was 2 am and i was bored, so i decided to check soundcloud, i typed something random like 'Dark Pop Melanie Martinez' (in case you haven't noticed im a melanie fan lol) and this girl named Anna showed up. I looked up on her profile and she had only two songs : "Tea-Time" and "Flowers In The Sky (Blue)" I took a listen to Flowers In The Sky and i was like "ok just another random girl doing pop music" then i took a listen to Tea-Time which amazed me, it reminded me of Melanie so i continued to listen to it. Her songs are clearly amateurs but still enjoyable I'm making this thread just so more people can listen to her and feel the same as me, chat a little about her songs and what we thing about what comes next Tea-Time Flowers In The Sky (Blue)
  4. Gustav

    Melanie Martinez

    glue stick sounds so good omg, except for the intro, i find it weird
  5. Gustav

    Declan McKenna

    dead forum but damn his songs are catchy with some good lyrics
  6. Gustav

    Melanie Martinez

    just have a friend that has things and sometimes he shows me, thats where i also got the 99 cent store recording session, really would post it as soon as i got it but it depends on him
  7. Gustav

    Melanie Martinez

    just took a listen a coloring book full, not that good of a song, but i didnt had high expectations either so just another random melanie song
  8. Gustav

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    yall over here sending 80 paragraphs, while i just want to be a primadonna girl yeah
  9. Gustav

    Melanie Martinez

    i just know this is going to be sorta i scream 2015 demo leak where we get 2 seconds and then never get to hear more
  10. Gustav

    Melanie Martinez

    im leaning towards being real but yeah 1 second snippet really is a new low, this leak era a mess
  11. Gustav

    Melanie Martinez

    https://dbree.org/v/dc56ec not sure about this
  12. Gustav

    Melanie Martinez

    i would love to watch a k-12 tour movie/professional footage, the closest i can get from them is the side screens she had on tour for most of the venues but is so hard to find a good video with them
  13. Gustav

    Melanie Martinez

    https://dbree.org/v/685ebe thats the longest snippet i could find before mine
  14. Gustav

    Melanie Martinez

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