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  1. the 10 tracks ordered on the physicals is really good
  2. gag city/the cover art/animated visuals ...why is it giving Terror Jr's Bop City
  3. 1 Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd 2 Married in Mount Airy 3 softscars
  4. Overhauling as in the production or writing new songs? I'm so confused, all this time I thought these were finished songs cut from preachers daughter now being released as b sides
  5. Anyone know why? I thought the b sides of preachers daughter would've followed in the next few years of the album release.
  6. the demo was written and made for heart shaped bed, shared on her band camp under B Sides of heart shaped bed
  7. Jon Batiste Interlude


    it does exist Grimes confirmed on TikTok
  8. has anyone heard the Nicole x Ethel song?
  9. Barrie, she'll pick you up.. if you come back to California...just hit her up...
  10. this is really taking me back to Lorde's 2 cents on Lana nobody asked for/cared about
  11. Who the f*** cares if she had a Tumblr DDLG phase? or if she is or was a cam girl/sex worker. Like most projects don't pummel as much sexuality as possible into the selling of the project.
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