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  1. Feel like I'm missing something, what is all the merch branded "perverts" referring to? Anyone have any ideas?
  2. also known as Fans in Disguise
  3. IDK this seems like classic gatekeeping behaviour to me. "You don't get her so the fact that you like her is irritating to me because you're too young/don't understand" is what it reads as IMO. Who cares if 13 year olds like her music? Even 13 year old "swiftie-esque" fans who might not "get" it the way you perceive yourself to, are allowed to support and love her music. Oh and by the way, it's these types of kids who support artists directly, share their music with everyone, make fan art, buy physical copies... Imaging trying to control who listens to what or likes what they like. Or being like, "Sure you like her but you don't really UNDERSTAND" an example that comes to mind. Lana may have written music that was going over my young head when I first heard her. Doesn't mean I didn't love her, love the music, and that she didn't mean something important to me. Doesn't mean that the music doesn't mean something to me, even if I'm not getting what she was intending. Let young kids like what they like.
  4. is it definitely AI? if someone made it with AI, who is the source?
  5. Jon Batiste Interlude


    how does everyone rank the new music she played at coachella? for me its 1. fantasia 2. taratata 3. beauty and the beast 4. synchronize 5. liberte 6. music for machines I really hope Fantasia is one of the ones she already uploaded to spotify
  6. Nicole had an account because she's a massive Lana fan. why would Ethel have an account here?
  7. honey, you want her to release stuff and THEN decide who gets to listen?
  8. you hate Ethel's music being shared and enjoyed? you would rather her music not be used on TikTok? Idgi.
  9. Jon Batiste Interlude


    I can't be the only one who didn't care about Enjoy the angels on earth at all (based on what was heard in POG music video) but now that I've heard this beauty and the beast version... I'm obsessed
  10. Jon Batiste Interlude


    she previewed 2 new songs last night at ceremonia Beauty and the beast: music for machines:
  11. she released a song yesterday (but it's a cover)
  12. Jon Batiste Interlude


    girl you're late to the party, she had her third kid with him a long while ago now. the baby son she called techno or something
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