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  1. remake disney channel original movie the thirteenth year with sky as cody's mermaid mum. i c o n i c.
  2. Announcing being dropped would probably encourage people to ask what is holding her back now. I don't know if sky has learned from announcing things too early by now but I would understand if she is more careful about what she shares about her business.
  3. I don't see how u can get any work done if u spread on top of the piano distracting poor jorge.
  4. didn't she say the reason she was there was because she was the face of some handbag? idk all I remember was the rumour that elon tried asking her out and he denied the rumour by being like helllloooo I was on a date with my MOTHER! so messy and embarrassing for everyone. bless that seating coordinator for giving us something in a drought. 🙏
  5. I'm just saying she isn't hungry because she's being taken care of somehow or else she'd come out and do some collaboration for Capitol or whatever it takes to not sleep on the streets. She's fine. She didn't need to finish high school for her wellbeing.
  6. Well here's the thing, she hasn't. She's flying to London here and there and making appearances at the met gala and has spoken about not compromising the vision. Media outlets still take the time to speak with her and don't even spin her words around. They keep reporting that music is on the way and we say well if Pitchfork says so 🤷... She has, at the very least, made connections most people who didn't finish school would love to have. If she truly threw it all away she'd come out and eat with Capitol. She's fine.
  7. so it's possible to leave capitol records? anyone have any info on what's different between halsey and sky's contracts?
  8. as far as I'm concerned this GL person is basically a banned lanaboards member and I'm a little tired of digging up her corpse but that's just meeee.
  9. she is a "producer". kinda funny how she seemed to try to beef with nearly every pop girl in 2019 and yet some of us still ain't heard of her until this post, lmao.
  10. They are wise to do so. The person running the account probably knows nothing about sky's business and not paid well enough for trolling.
  11. jk the long awaited pop girl single is taylor 🤡
  12. the quality towards the end makes me think it's not finished, idk.
  13. I know u playin but sky bagging thurston moore would be so iconic and a career highlight.
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