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  1. dang sky clogging up the toilets and getting up to her old shenanigans like it's september 2013 all over again. masochism is COMING. :')
  2. maybe in 2024 sky and cassie will be free to release them bopz? https://youtube.com/watch?v=i_GQw45OqLE&si=X5bMzhKBcobmPsih 🧐
  3. The whole journey has been so weird. I want to believe sky over her corporate overlords but her reasons for why things aren't panning out have always been inconsistent. Like, when sky says the album was coming but she became ill (no disrespect intended) or there's a pandemic so it's not appropriate or the uncompromised vision bit... No one at Capitol has ever commented on any of it either so we're just supposed to take her word for it all as well? I think it just boils down to sky being fefe dobson 2.0, which was basically a small dash of record label bs and the rest being making herself small for partners intimidated by female success while getting lost in a drug haze.
  4. In the cycle of "where is the album-isms", I recall seeing Sky say a few times that the label was asking her to do things that she didn't consider part of her job, like promo. You'd think she was working at Subway being asked to scrub toilets. 😕
  5. we need a wheel of prizes for sky fans. releasing an album and merch would be the tiniest pie slivers. the other pieces include: A: sky lands a photoshoot B: special edition deluxe "the album is coming... soon" card C: indie movie cameo D: a one off summer show performing night time my time songs, opening for blondie "who is ready for another round of playing night time my time?"👴 (audience cheers and waves 'free sky ferreira' flags, a tear runs down a child's face)
  6. I think that is probably the inevitable, unfortunately. She's not working through her record deal obligations and it's essentially a staring contest between sky and capitol. Capitol will win and sky will have lost years to a very expensive vision.
  7. imagine capitol sees this thing and "frees" sky from her contract. and then another 10 years has passed and somehow there's still no album. hmm...
  8. AI ferreira looks like the episode of Hey Arnold where Arnold and his grandpa are feuding.
  9. It's cute how mad this fan page is. I would assume they're a sky baby because they are unable to dispute any of it.
  10. not OP but they could always resell it on Mercari or grailed later. sky merch is very hard to come by so it does well.
  11. imagine finding the right panera location and, after much pleading, sky sings a couple bars of everything is embarrassing before the manager asks u to leave and gives sky a conduct warning.
  12. speaking as a poor person myself, so no shade, it looks like she just hasn't gotten her hair done in a very long time and her hair probably doesn't grow very fast anyway.
  13. remake disney channel original movie the thirteenth year with sky as cody's mermaid mum. i c o n i c.
  14. Announcing being dropped would probably encourage people to ask what is holding her back now. I don't know if sky has learned from announcing things too early by now but I would understand if she is more careful about what she shares about her business.
  15. I don't see how u can get any work done if u spread on top of the piano distracting poor jorge.
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